Newsletter - State aid and investment: Research and Development

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New call for supporting centres of excellence of multinational importance and for promoting international co-operation in the field of research in the Bratislava region

Period in which the call is effective:

28 August 2013 – 31 December 2013

Specification of the call:

Caller: Agency of the Slovak Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sports for EU structural funds
The call’s code: OPVaV-2013/4.1/04-SORO

Aid form:

Non-returnable subsidy

Source for funding:

EU funds and the Slovak national budget

The call’s objective is to encourage projects aimed at establishing research centres of multinational importance, the research activities of which will also be oriented towards future and emerging technologies.

The call is mainly aimed at:

  • initiating research activities of multinational corporations operating in Slovakia and promoting active co-operation with research centres of multinational corporations in other countries;
  • strengthening collaboration in the area of research between the business sphere and research organisations; and
  • strengthening the research basis of the business sphere and increasing its potential to become involved in activities and projects of the European Research Area.

The realisation of the project must result in the founding of a centre of excellence of multinational importance and establishing international research co-operation.

Eligible applicants and partnership:

  • micro, small, and medium-sized businesses;
  • large businesses.

The applicant must be an entity (a subsidiary or branch of a multinational corporation with a seat and business activities in Slovakia) which is directly or indirectly (through its parent company) engaged in carrying out projects within the 7th EU Framework Programme on Research and Technological Development, or has demonstrably invested at least EUR 1 million a year into research and/or development for the last three years.

Each supported centre must be a partnership consisting of the applicant, at least one other business entity, and at least one research institution. At least one research institution – a partner of the project – must participate in at least one international project within the 7th EU Framework Programme on Research and Technological Development in an area on which the submitted project is focused.

Eligible costs include mainly:

  • labour costs including payments for the employer (research workers, technicians, and other support staff to the extent to which they directly participate in the given research project);
  • expenses for instruments and equipment (including intangible assets) to the extent and in the period of their use within the research project;
  • expenses for contractual research, technical knowledge, and patents purchased or licensed from external sources;
  • other directly incurred overhead expenses resulting from the research project, etc.

Amount of a non-returnable subsidy:

  • Financial allocation for the call: EUR 20,000,000
  • Minimum amount of a subsidy: EUR 2,000,000
  • Maximum amount of a subsidy: EUR 5,000,000

Maximum aid intensity:

The maximum aid intensity for an applicant who is an entrepreneur depends on the type of research project, the size of the particular business, and other circumstances which are taken into account.

The aid intensity for the applicant’s partners is set as follows:

  • Governmental budgetary and contributory organisations: 100% of eligible costs
  • Public sector organisations: 95% of eligible costs

Eligible territory:

  • Bratislava region; the decisive factor is the place where the project is carried out, not the seat of the applicant or of its partners.