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With the largest network of forensic services practices in the world, spanning 63 countries and employing over 1,400 specialists, PwC firms can draw on vast experience of dealing with difficult situations across a broad spectrum of industries in many jurisdictions. Our fast-growing Forensic Services practice in CEE employs over 60 professionals, including accountants, economists and IT experts.

We can help you:
  • Identify your organisation’s vulnerability to financial and operational irregularities and evaluate potential gaps in your anti-fraud programme.
  • Understand how effectively your organisation’s misconduct management programme engages people, processes, and technologies to address misconduct risk compared to your peers, as well as industry benchmarks and standards.
  • Remediate gaps with practical, customised solutions that identify, monitor and report on key risk factors and indicators; evaluate the likelihood and significance associated with each potential and actual fraud instance.
  • Establish processes to track key qualitative and quantitative measures.
  • Provide the training required to raise awareness about fraud and misconduct across the organisation.
  • Monitor specific business units that require additional oversight by establishing periodic checkpoints for operational fraud risk assessment.
  • Develop an effective “first line of defense” by training operations and finance personnel on misconduct risk management.

Our services include:

  • Investigations
  • Fraud Risk Management
  • Commercial Disputes
  • International Arbitration
  • Transaction and Shareholder Disputes AND Investigations
  • Forensic Technology Solutions
  • Intellectual Property Services
  • Licensing Management Services
  • Insurance Claims Services
  • Anti-Money Laundering Services
  • Capital project services
  • U.S. Regulatory Investigations and Securities Litigation

Corporate fraud investigations

Our forensic experts are prepared to provide advisory in re-gaining lost values whether those are of a financial or non-financial nature. Our experienced forensic team conducts investigations, background searches, special interviews, analyzes of documents and accounting evidence. Moreover, our investigations are supported by unique forensic technology specialists who are able to run complex data analyses and various searches using various computer technologies. Key success factor in the fast completion of the fraud investigation process is represented by comprehensive and structured background research once fraud occurred. Completion of fraud documentation for the forthcoming legal proceedings provides also the basis for setting new controls and workflows internally in within companies in order to prevent fraud in the future.  

Fraud risk management and fraud prevention

PwC forensic specialists can help you setting the company control environment to minimize the probability of fraud to occur and maximize the probability to detect it. Our forensic specialists have in-depth experience in advising its clients in:
  • identifying the fraud risks
  • identifying the weaknesses in internal controls exposing company to fraud risks
  • conducting controls remediation to minimize potential fraud risks
  • designing antifraud programs reflecting client and industry specifics.
The companies are under increasing and changing legislative pressures. With this regard we help companies to be compliant with:
  • Anti-money laundering legislation
  • FCPA legislation
We perform quality assurance reviews, design compliance programs.  

Commercial disputes / Acquisitions AND shareholder disputes

Putting contractual clauses into practice and solving occurring commercial issues by referring to signed contracts may lead to different interpretations of contracted parties. We can advise you in your disputes on the economic and accounting valuation by using industry and valuation experts, financial experts or actuaries. Our accountants, investigators, financial experts, economists and engineers can condense, analyze and interpret significant volumes of data and present complex financial and technical findings clearly.  

International Arbitration

Increasing number of business transactions and their complexity and global reach contributed to the fact that the international arbitration became the most frequent means of solving disputes. Among many services we provide for instance expert witnessing, investigation of consequences of disputes including breach of contracts or construction disputes, acquisition disputes and claims under investment treaties.    

Licensing Management

Our globally integrated network of licensing professionals can help companies optimize their revenues, capitalize on and protect their intellectual property. In 90% of the royalty examinations for our clients, we uncover underreported revenues due to clerical errors, accounting mistakes or contract misunderstandings. Inevitably, there are financial recoveries, sometimes very substantial figures.