Environmental Advisory: For us, the environment is more than just a business...

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Are you concerned about environmental fees?
Do you intend to apply for state aid on environmental projects?
Do you need advice on environmental issues?

PwC Slovakia offers the services of our environmental specialists in the following fields:


  • State aid for the support of projects relating to minimizing the adverse effects of climate change (such as reducing emissions by introducing new technologies)
  • Support on renewable sources of energy
  • Advisory on fees for air pollution, claiming of emission limits and conditions for operating sources of air pollution


  • State aid for the support of integrated water protection (such as building sewerage systems and waste water purification plants)
  • Support on flood protection projects
  • Advisory on fees for the disposal of waste water, and the collection of underground, natural and curative water


  • State aid for waste management projects (such as waste evaluation and extinguishing, reclamation of waste dumps, and handling of dangerous waste)
  • Optimisation of fees payable to the recycling fund
  • Advisory on waste management (such as transportation of the waste, obligatory registration, keeping records, and filing statements)


  • State aid for projects on separating, collecting and recycling of packaging
  • Minimizing payments due in relation to introducing packaging into the market
  • Advisory on the handling of packaging (such as environmental designation of products, notification and payment obligation, and binding limits for packaging recycling)


  • State aid for solutions in environmental burdens (such as development of risk analyses, remediation, and completion of information systems)
  • Evaluation of impacts on the environment (EIA, SEA)
  • Support on projects aimed at promoting the protection of nature and environmental education


  • State aid for projects relating to electricity and heat generation from renewable sources
  • Tax advisory on excise tax on electricity, coal, natural gas, and mineral oils
  • Support on projects relating to the introduction of innovative technologies in power industry, focused on improving energy effectiveness and reducing the consumption of electricity