People and Organisation

    Understanding and managing tax related risks when moving employees around the world

    Increasingly companies based in the Middle East are operating on a global basis through organic growth or through joint ventures or acquisition. This expansion can result in internationally mobile employees as employers look to ensure they have talented individuals on the ground where needed.

    The employment activities of individuals in foreign locations can create a number of complex employer and employee tax issues which, if not dealt with appropriately, could result in significant additional costs and risks for employers.

    When could this be relevant to you

    • Mobility strategy planning - You have employees working overseas but not under a formal mobility programme.
    • Your internationally mobile employees are creating large tax liabilities and exposure for you overseas.
    • You have Short Term Business Travelers (STBTs) and are concerned about the tax liabilities and corporate tax exposures they may create.
    • You are considering alternative employment structures to attract, retain and deploy top talent quickly across jurisdictions to meet business needs.
    • You are sending employees to work in different tax jurisdictions. As a result of this, these employees are creating personal tax liabilities and filing requirements in these jurisdictions.

    What we do

    • Mobility strategy planning.
    • Mobility assignment planning and cost control.
    • Business traveller advice.
    • Employment structures.
    • Individual tax compliance including US tax returns.
    • Mobility technology.


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    Managing risk and compliance

    Understanding and managing the tax and compliance risks inherent in global talent deployments.

    Technology and efficiency

    Putting the right people in the right locations, at the right times in a cost effective and efficient way.

    Deploying talent strategically

    In an evolving global market, how do you deploy your best talent for future business success?