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You want someone with you for the journey. We work with private businesses and individuals to help them solve important problems and achieve their growth potential.

Who we are

The UAE based Middle East Private Business and Private Clients Tax, Legal and Governance teams serve Middle East based (and other) families, Family Offices and individuals in managing the tax, legal and governance concerns of their personal and family business affairs, both in the region and internationally.

The Tax, Legal and Governance teams have presence on the ground in the Middle East whilst unlocking access to PwC’s global network of specialists, giving your family the breadth and depth of experience required to manage and comply with the complex global tax and legal obligations you, your family and your business may face.

What we do

Private and Family Businesses

Many family businesses have learned that a little structure can be extremely helpful when the time comes to discuss sensitive issues such as ownership of shares, rights and responsibilities, the competence of family-member managers and agreeing on a strategy that is best for both the business and the family.

We address family business governance from a holistic perspective. From family constitutions to family councils, boards of directors to family and non-family managers, we can help family businesses improve their governance and thereby preserve family harmony, setting the stage for the commercial success they strive for.

We can assist by reviewing the tax and legal implications of the current ownership structure of your family business, both at the company and personal level, and can advise on optimising holding structures that consider the objectives of the family, such as succession, asset segregation, protection, control, flexibility, wealth preservation and simplicity.

We advise on establishing family offices, trusts, private trust companies, foundations and private or family investment companies alongside other legal structures in relevant jurisdictions.

In particular, we also recognise that, whilst other companies measure their success in quarters, family businesses measure their success in generations. In transferring ownership of a family business to the next generation, the family may face tax and legal obstacles. The team can help to identify these early on, manage the family through them and help them plan ahead to facilitate a tax efficient transition of the business that is legally smooth and robust.

Private Clients

Whatever financial goals you’re aiming for, our Private Client tax team can help you. We are proud to work with a wide range of clients - from start-up entrepreneurs to large wealthy families with complex affairs to top executives of large businesses.

We can help you:

  • Navigate your global tax profile and understand the complex interaction between the tax regimes in different jurisdictions;
  • Comply and plan around retirement, estate planning, property ownership, family trusts and philanthropy;
  • Deal with the complexity of the interaction between personal and company taxes;
  • Manage all aspects that a private business owner has to face from business transactions, structuring private wealth or implementing a philanthropic strategy;
  • Set up a family office;
  • Understand the tax nuances and wider tax and legal considerations relevant to luxury asset ownership;
  • Achieve your personal and business ambitions whilst understanding and managing the tax costs and reporting obligations; and
  • Obtain relevant work permits and immigration visas including citizenship and residence by investment schemes.


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