Indirect taxation (VAT and customs)

PwC can help you to address business challenges through the strategic management of indirect taxes. We provide efficient and effective cross-border indirect tax management systems that will help you minimise costs, improve cash flow and deal with customs & duty issues.

We can assist in streamlining import and export activities and reduce business costs by identifying savings opportunities and minimising the customs compliance burden. Our team can help your business proactively manage customs-related risks by establishing effective compliance measures and reviewing them in the context of changing regulations.

The much talked about proposal for a Value Added Tax (VAT) for the Gulf countries presents both opportunities and risks for local and global businesses. Our internationally experienced team can help your business gain a competitive advantage by facilitating effective and efficient preparations for VAT, as well as advising you of your likely ongoing responsibilities.

PwC is the leading Indirect Taxes advisory practice and was the first with dedicated VAT and customs experts in the Middle East region.

PwC’ indirect tax experts in the Middle East have helped put VAT systems into operation in leading and emerging jurisdictions around the world. PwC has worked with governments in the region advising them on the implementation of VAT.

Our excellent relationships with local revenue authorities and comprehensive understanding of the regulatory and policy environment combined with our global network of experienced professionals enables us to deliver the optimal solutions tailored to the unique concerns and demands of your business.