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Family businesses play a pivotal role in the Middle East economy with their unique long-term vision, values and legacy.  Success is built on potential, ambition and value systems and is enabled by agile decision-making.  This distinctive set of characteristics gives family businesses in the Middle East a competitive advantage.

Family businesses however face distinctive challenges.  That’s where PwC Legal Middle East comes in.  We are trusted advisers, working as a multi-disciplinary team with legal solutions at the core of our offering. We help Middle East family businesses manage ownership and growth at every stage, providing support with legal structure, succession planning, Shariah compliance, governance, business continuity, wealth management and family office.

No matter where your family business is on its journey to success, we can be by your side with the insights and solutions you need to stay fit for growth and be able to move forward at the right pace.

Managing family ownership is probably the most unique and complex challenge which sets family businesses apart from any other type of business.  How families approach their ownership strategy is key to business success but also family cohesion and happiness.

Sustainable growth is fundamental to the longevity and continuity of all family businesses. Achieving the right level of sustainable growth is an especially complex undertaking for family businesses because of the need to consider not just the business’s goals but also those of the family.

Our family business legal offering includes:

  • Protecting family members through the introduction of mechanisms to limit liability

  • Implementing corporate structures to help facilitate the disposal of the business, or part of it, in the future

  • Putting in place an exit strategy which allows for a smooth exit within or outside the family without disrupting the business or the family

  • Ensuring the continuity of ownership of the business from one generation to another through the separation of holding and operating companies

  • Preparing and reviewing family protocols/regulations which we can convert to legal enforceable arrangements

  • Establishing trusts or foundations within the overall family business structure

  • Ensuring the integration of any Sharia Law aspects that may be relevant to family restructuring and succession planning

  • Ensuring effective corporate governance structures are in place to ensure the smooth-running of the family business

  • Reviewing and considering the contractual agreements currently in place which may require action as part of a family business restructuring

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