Tax & Zakat Advisory

On the ground tax and Zakat expertise

Taxation and Zakat regimes in the Middle East can be complex and require significant investment from finance teams to manage and maintain. The use of advisors to assist in reducing this effort from inhouse teams is across the region. 

At PwC, we have a wide team of tax experts to help guide you through the processes and the requirements of tax authorities.

How we can help:

  • If you have operations in any country in the Middle East and need assistance in working with tax and Zakat authorities
  • If you need advice around the treatment of transactions and operational matters
  • If you need help complying with social security and other employment related obligations

What we can support you with:

  • Corporate tax advice on local and regional tax issues
  • Application of and compliance with Zakat obligations
  • Employee and employment tax advice
  • Local country registration and setup advice

Meet our team

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Mohammed Al-Obaidi

Zakat and Tax Leader, PwC Middle East

Tel: +966 50 525 6796

Yaseen AbuAlkheer

Partner, Zakat and Tax, PwC Middle East

Tel: +966544250540

Mugahid Hussein

Partner, Zakat and Tax, PwC Middle East

Tel: +966 54 425 6573

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