The Canadian IPO Market: Decade in Review

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Decade in ReviewPwC Canada is pleased to present The Canadian IPO Market – Decade in Review, a look back at the Canadian IPO market for the first 10 years of this century.

Since 1998, PwC has conducted detailed surveys on all IPOs completed on Canada’s principal stock exchanges. The surveys track IPOs on the TSX, TSX Venture, CNSX (formerly CNQ) and AIM. IPO activity is analyzed in seven market sectors: Consumer & Industrial Products, Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Mining, Real Estate, Technology & Communications, and Other (transportation, logistics and services). Investment vehicles such as structured products—created to acquire a portfolio of traded shares, bonds or other financial instruments—are not included because they do not represent new equity raised for operating companies.

Our goal in publishing our surveys and this summary of the decade is to provide the business community, investors, the public and others who follow the markets with data that help put the ebb and flow of the markets into perspective. Understanding the IPO market can often provide context for many of the broader trends that shape Canada’s economy.

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