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Understanding the consolidation of Ontario’s electricity marketUnderstanding the consolidation of Ontario’s electricity market
Our 14th Annual Global Power and Utilities Survey found that 81% of senior executives expect their home market to be transformed by more than 60% by 2030 and 70% expect significant market model changes within the same timeframe. So, what does that mean for energy in Ontario?

Digital utility transformationDigital utility transformation
Digital technologies are strategically important for power and utility companies but capturing the benefits of digitization has been slow. More than 80 senior executives and experts from 12 different countries gathered for PwC’s roundtable discussion on the digital utility of the future and the strategies that companies are implementing to get there.

A different energy future14th Global Power & Utilities Survey: A different energy future
Industry disruption leads more than 70 senior executives from 52 countries to expect their markets and business models to change leading up to 2030. The current way of doing business is at stake and operational changes lay ahead. Does the industry think we’re headed for a new ‘golden age’ or is the future less promising?

North American Power & Utilities Deals — Q1 2015North American Power & Utilities Deals — Q1 2015
Despite the overall drop in first quarter deal activity compared to last quarter, deals are being accomplished throughout the industry landscape including regulated, renewable, and non-renewable generation deals.

Energy transformation: The impact on the power sector business modelEnergy transformation: The impact on the power sector business model
The 13th Annual PwC Global Power & Utilities Survey is based on research conducted between April 2013 and July 2013 with senior executives from 53 utility companies in 35 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

Power Renewables Deals2015 CEO Survey Industry snapshot: Seeking growth amidst global disruption
Power & Utilities CEOs are cautious about the financial outlook: only 29 percent think the economy will improve this year. And they're less confident of increasing revenues in the short or mid term than CEOs in other sectors.

Power Renewables DealsPower & Renewables Deals: 2015 outlook and 2014 review
Our 2015 Power and Renewables Deals outlook is the latest in our annual series in which we look at mergers and acquisitions activity in the power utilities sector. The report explores some of the main themes that will drive deal activity in the year ahead.


At risk and unready in an interconnected worldGlobal State of Information Security Survey
According to global power and utility respondents, the average number of detected incidents increased six-fold over the year before. Yet only 54% say they have a unified security and controls framework and/or enterprise risk management framework to address cybersecurity risks.

Powerful reporting Powerful reporting
What do global power and utilities sector investment professionals want to see in company reporting? Their perception of reporting quality affects their perception of the quality of company management.


Cleantech MoneyTreeTM Report: Q3 2014Cleantech MoneyTreeTM Report: Q3 2014
Venture investment into Cleantech increased over 40% during the first three quarters of 2014 compared to the first three quarters of 2013. Strong follow-on investment in solar continues as later stage solar developers receive funding from the venture community.

Beyond compliance: Creating a new norm in gas pipeline leak managementFinancial reporting in the power and utilities industry: International Financial Reporting Standards
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) provide the basis for company reporting all over the world. Although the pace of standard-setting from the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) has been less intense in recent years, the application of new standards still presents challenges for preparers.

Beyond compliance: Creating a new norm in gas pipeline leak managementBeyond compliance: Creating a new norm in gas pipeline leak management
In the new norm, leak survey is no longer viewed simply as a compliance activity—it is integrated with risk assessment, work identification, and investment planning to transform integrity management and enhance pipeline safety.


At the crossroads: the future of the UK energy retail marketAt the crossroads: the future of the UK energy retail market
The relentless political and media focus on consumer bills attest to an urgent need for a new model that provides greater transparency and can rebuild trust. Recently the industry has been referred to the Competition and Markets Authority.


17th Annual Global CEO Survey: Power and Utilities industry perspectives17th Annual Global CEO Survey: Power and Utilities industry perspectives
Power & utilities CEOs are counting on technology to help cope with the looming energy transformation, according to PwC's 17th Annual Global CEO Survey. Increasing IT spend, investing in R&D readiness, and improving customer retention and trust are high on the agenda.