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Helping you with your systems and processes; strengthening your controls function

Controls are integral to preventing or detecting business risks such as information security, business process, fraud, and privacy/confidentiality. A breakdown in a company’s processes and controls can have serious implications for its financial and operational success, and negatively impact its ability to meet customer expectations.

To ensure that your controls and processes are sufficiently mitigating risks, you need to design a robust controls framework/structure. Our Controls team can provide you with confidence that your underlying controls are meeting your business requirements – and how to fix them if they’re not. This is especially helpful if you need to:

  • Obtain an independent review of your control structure, including identification of weaknesses and possible design enhancements
  • Reduce cost and complexity through the elimination of ineffective workarounds, redundant controls and a shift from manual to automated controls
  • Improve the quality of information for reporting to key stakeholders and establishing metrics for assessing cost of controls
  • Outsource some or all of your business operations to a service organization, and these operations have an effect on your financial statements and/or other operational requirements
  • Comply with certain regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Protect access to your customers’ personally identifiable health and financial information
  • Provide services to external customers and have been asked to provide controls assurance reports, such as SAS 70 or Section 5970 reports
  • Implement a new Enterprise Resource Planning system

How PwC can help

With vast international experience, our Controls practice can help companies across all industries and sectors assess and improve their controls, systems and processes.

When looking at the impact of your existing controls, we perform a readiness assessment of your controls function to identify gaps in your processes and make recommendations for improvement.

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