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India is on the pathway to an economic transformation and its new pro-business environment presents a host of opportunities for foreign investors.  Macroeconomic stability, resilience and ability to deal effectively with external shocks and the Indian government’s proactive initiatives are making India a large, approachable and investor friendly market.

PwC’s Singapore India Business Desk brings together a group of professionals dedicated to creating a bridge between Singapore and India. We help our clients overcome increasingly complex issues including financial reporting, tax, deals, human resources management, supply chain, sustainability and risk management. We help businesses operate across borders, enter new markets, and transform their organisations to meet the needs of tomorrow.

Understanding the local market sentiment and business environment is recipe for success

With our rich industry knowledge, and leveraging on our colleagues in the PwC global network, we provide hands-on, practical assistance to any businesses looking to invest in and expand operations in India.

The India Business Desk team at PwC Singapore has comprehensive understanding of the Indian tax and other regulations and hands-on experience in supporting foreign investors with tailor-made Indian market entry strategy.

Meeting your needs and connecting the dots

We assist businesses, organisations and individuals with tax strategy, planning and compliance, whilst also delivering a wide range of business advisory services.

The India Business Desk team also extends its support to Indian and South Asian companies who are evaluating Singapore as a hub for purpose of its regional or global expansion. The presence of India and Singapore domain knowledge experts within the same team helps us to quickly connect the dots and hand-hold clients as a single point of contact for broad-range solutions across both countries. 

If you need any form of support or have specific India Singapore corridor related questions/clarifications please feel free to drop us an email or give us a call and we would be happy to engage in discussions with you.


Future of India: The Winning Leap

Breaking new ground by deploying solutions for rapid, sustainable and resource-efficient growth

Our report, Future of India - the Winning Leap is driven by the belief that India can build shared prosperity for its 1.25 billion citizens by transforming the way the economy creates value. Corporate India has a critical role to play in this story, not only by creating value by addressing key societal needs, but in supporting a vibrant entrepreneurial sector. Additionally, it needs to partner with the government in order to implement new developmental approaches.

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India - A perspective on Investor's Sentiment and Tax Climate

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