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Experience Consulting Malaysia

We give purpose to brands, direction to companies and create experiences that define them

Experience is your best asset

World-class organisations don’t compete on price, products, or features – they compete on experience.

When the only constant is change, you can’t guarantee that today’s solution will be perfect or meet tomorrow’s needs. What you can do is take ownership of your future. This means taking ownership of your stakeholders’ experiences in your business.

It is important that all of the touchpoints of your stakeholders are being engaged. This is through building meaningful eXperiences by defining moments, triggering emotions, evoking sentiments and being memorable.

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Can eXperience be measured?

Introducing Return on Experience (ROX). A new performance management metric that connects customer experience (CX) to employee experience (EX) and brings together “soft” investments in organizational culture with “hard” investments in technology and analytics

Return on experience (ROX)

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Ways to play to win 

To thrive and compete, you’ll need to navigate the maze of economic uncertainty and the breakneck pace of digital. 

We’ve studied thousands of innovative digital companies for decades through our Digital IQ research. We discovered a group of companies that consistently generate payback and get significant value on their digital investments in every area we assess—from growth and profits to innovation, customer experience, people and more. They’re the winning 5%.

We call them Transcenders.

Let’s take a look at the Digital IQ Survey and this is how you can start by reframing and prioritising your organisation for its every success.

See how you stack up to the Transcenders

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How we will work towards success with you

We will help you find winning solutions to your most pressing business challenges.

Challenging the status quo and having the courage to make bold decisions in ever challenging markets.

Shaping the ideal event-driven journey that creates end-to-end experiences that are compelling & meaningful.

We advise, guide & implement technology solutions to elevate digital maturity giving you a better way to play.

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Reimagining the possible with our BXT approach


Industry experts

A multi-disciplined business consulting team that includes: digital strategists, market analysts, digital ecosystem and eCommerce specialists.



Broad service offers within: user experience, design and creative, brand and marketing, content strategy, social media and customer insight studies.


Engineers and developers

Technical experts in the field of data & analytics, emerging technologies, system integration, and rapid prototyping.

Dive into PwC’s Experience Centre

The PwC Experience Centre is a combination of unique talent and an exceptional local team designed to transform organisations by creating amazing new experiences for their stakeholders and employees.

It has an immersive design process to brings experts together across organisations to align on challenges, explore opportunities, create solutions, and test them quickly, which accelerates company-wide engagement and buy in.

Our evolving facilities nurture collaboration and co-creation via workshops to tinker, labs to experiment, war rooms to debate and “real world” studios where ideas are born.

Learn more about PwC’s Experience Centre

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Our Home Built Digital Accelerators


BankOS is a modular banking solution powered by PwC. This is an accelerator that hands you the ultimate control in building your customers their soon-to-be favourite banking solution. BankOS allows you to build your own fully customisable banking solution from the ground up.

Explore BankOS


A custom built, fit for purpose tool allowing organisations to seek a rapid understanding of their digital maturity. We look at three main frameworks, digital maturity, data maturity and cyber maturity. 


Lifebase is a data-driven, hyper-personalised mobile application that gives you a clear comprehension of the different areas of life, how they are interconnected and come together as a whole - the big picture, the foundation of your life. As well as designing and building this product, we also gave it a name,brand identity, and full marketing assets.

Our credentials

Business review for a manufacturer

Our client is looking to grow their business looking at commercial growth, customer experience, operational efficiency and culture inculcation. By leveraging our BXT approach, we helped unite fragmented viewpoints to get everyone to focus on a single purpose and solution. We developed a transformation roadmap that charters key milestones, initiatives and outcomes that will accelerate the client’s ambitions and an overview of the agreed behaviours and project vs. BAU culture.

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Designed a customer strategy for a retailer

The client needed help to drive long term initiatives which is to improve their customer experience and increase customer value. We designed a new customer strategy starting from the analysis of real customer needs and behaviours which included customer journey mapping. By using a holistic approach that combines quantitative and qualitative methodologies, we helped the client in redesigning their loyalty strategy and creating a Loyalty Club for their customers.

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End-to-end launch of digital challenger bank

The client needed to launch a digital challenger bank focusing on retail banking offerings with an increased ease of banking, broader product types with competitive pricing strategy as well as building a technology platform to facilitate these offerings. We assisted the neo bank towards key deliverables in their digital banking application including a business capability model, digital business model & strategy, component architecture, delivery methodologies and application architecture. The neo bank is the first digital challenger bank in Australia.

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Aspirations to become a South East Asia (SEA) digital financial service provider

Our US fintech client wanted to enter the South-East Asian market through an application for the Singapore’s digital banking license. They required local expertise on regulations, customers and business models. They engaged us to help them create the framework for their go-to-market approach in Singapore. We designed a specially curated workshop to challenge and question our client’s existing business model, approach and market. We gathered key insights into the company’s challenges, value proposition and aspirations in Singapore. Post immersion session, our client looked at how they can leverage on their existing infrastructure in Malaysia to set up a presence in Malaysia & SEA. Our immersion session allowed the client to identify their priorities and possible partnerships to establish their presence in the region.

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Virtual banking license application

The virtual banking license had just been released in Hong Kong. Some banks and non-banks needed help to apply for the virtual banking license. Our contribution included helping banks throughout the application process to prepare for and obtain licenses from HKMA and BNM, provide holistic knowledge and competitive insights of other Virtual Banks in the region and provide advice on designing a virtual bank that is “fit-for-purpose” in a local context. The result of PwC’s expertise contributed to 6/8 of the banks that were awarded the digital banking license.

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Beverage maker uses loyalty to drive revenue

A beverage maker wanted to enhance its customer experience strategy and develop a more personalised loyalty programme. PwC created journey maps, assessed opportunities to transform its digital organisation, and evaluated more than 25 loyalty programme elements. As a result of our work, the client is now delivering a seamless experience across all channels, its customers’ mobile purchases increased by 22 per cent, and its membership and loyalty are estimated to be up double digits over the next five years.

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Building the digital ecosystem for an insurance company

Agents and policyholders didn’t really use their website other than to login to a portal, and the site didn’t give potential employees a great first impression. Our client was not only looking to leapfrog their current public facing website, but significantly strengthen their brand while delivering measurable data. PwC developed a new, digital approach that reflected this culture while advancing their future business needs. With a sleek, modern, responsive design and a clear articulation of what sets our client apart from competitors, the site engages everyone from agents, potential business partners, and current policyholders to teammates (employees) and job seekers. Our client’s deep expertise and familiarity with their customers’ business, industry, and location shines through across the site, connecting them to their customers on a more human, relatable level.

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