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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Academy

Building future-proof, resilient, agile and sustainable businesses.

Our programmes

ESG Learning Series - Sustainability awareness

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly discussed topic amongst a range of stakeholders, from board members to consumers. Learners will get a better understanding of the core building blocks of sustainability along with the business case for integrating sustainable practices within their day-to-day.

  • To provide an introduction to sustainability and ESG
  • To provide a business case for sustainability and how it creates value for businesses
  • Attendees will understand the meaning and overall outlook of ESG in the local and global context
  • Attendees will be able to see the link between the importance and value of ESG to their organisation
  • Attendees will be introduced to the various sustainability frameworks that exist globally and how to manage their many requirements
Agenda/topics covered
  • An introduction to sustainability
  • The case for sustainability: A new landscape of risks and opportunities
  • How businesses are impacted by sustainability issues
  • ESG trends and responses
  • How sustainability creates value
  • Managing sustainability frameworks and its requirements

  0.5 day


Target audience
  • Board/Management
  • Working level

ESG Learning Series - Net Zero and GHG emissions

As governments and regulatory bodies increase their attention on cutting down global GHG emissions and committing to Net Zero, businesses must be prepared to understand the methods in measuring GHG emissions, the challenges faced when measuring GHG emissions and actions that can be taken to reduce their carbon emissions.

  • To provide technical guidance on data collection methodologies and approaches to facilitate the disclosure of more robust and comparable/standardised indicators (i.e. broadly in line with international best practices such as the GHG Protocol methodology)
  • To identify practical steps in measuring and managing GHG emissions (Scopes 1, 2 & 3)
  • To identify carbon reduction opportunities
  • Attendees will have a broad understanding of GHG emissions and Net Zero commitments, including trends, examples, good practices
  • Attendees will understand the approach to setting Net Zero targets and understand expectations from global bodies
  • Attendees will learn the process of GHG data collection, in line with the GHG Protocol
Agenda/topics covered
  • Introduction – brief on the context of GHG and its relevance and importance to businesses and the environment
  • Share approach on setting Net Zero ambition along with appropriate governance and strategy
  • Highlight GHG emissions/Net Zero expectations from global initiatives such as the TCFD, UNPRI, UNPRB, UNEPFI and WEF
  • Provide sample case studies from global companies and industry leaders
  • Take participants through a sample of GHG Accounting Manual
  • Share the process of collecting GHG related information (i.e. Scope 1,2 and 3)

  1 day


Target audience
  • Working level

ESG Learning Series - ESG risk assessment

Stakeholders like investors, governments, and citizens are paying closer attention to ESG. Businesses must be able to protect themselves from any potential ESG risks, and know how to leverage potential opportunities. Here we will provide the basics of understanding your organisation’s ESG risks and opportunities in accordance with global frameworks. We will also cover the approaches in tackling them.

  • Understand the key principles and recommendations by TCFD

  • Identify the key approaches being adopted to implement TCFD within your organisation’s processes

  • Enable future evaluation of your organisation’s progress with TCFD recommendations

  • Acquire the capability to list climate risks and opportunities relevant to your organisation

Agenda/topics covered
  • Welcome and introductions

  • What are climate-related risks and disclosures and why are they  important

  • Key Guiding Principles and recommendations of the TCFD

  • Governance of climate-related risks and opportunities

  • How to manage financial risks from climate change

  • Embedding climate-related risks and disclosures into financial management and reporting

  2 days


Target audience
  • All

ESG Learning Series - Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The UN SDGs is a widely adopted framework for measuring sustainability progress and has been used by governments and businesses. Here, we shall look into how the UN SDGs can be incorporated within your organisation to create value.

  • Instill the fundamentals of the Sustainable Development Goals in participants

  • Share with participants how organisations can engage with SDGs in practice to create business value

Agenda/topics covered
  • Section 1: Introduction to the SDGs

  • Section 2: The SDGs in business

  • Section 3: How do companies prioritise the SDGs?

  • Section 4: Successfully reporting the SDGs and global and local good practices

  1 day


Target audience
  • All

ESG Learning Series - Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) training

Certified GRI Standards training course.

  • Identify and understand the main features of the GRI Standards.
  • Recognise the tasks and decisions to be made during the reporting process to prepare a GRI Standards-based report focused on material topics.
  • Identify the content expected to be found in GRI Standards-based reports.
Prepare participants to understand and coordinate the GRI sustainability reporting process using GRI Standards.
Agenda/topics covered
  • Introduction and background
  • Overview of the GRI Standards
  • GRI Standards 101, 102, 103
  • Start your reporting process with the GRI Standards
  • Additional resources



Target audience
  • Sustainability professionals
  • Corporate communications practitioners
  • Investor relations practitioners
  • Sustainability report authors and contributors


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