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We prioritise a learn-by-doing environment that is supported by feedback, coaching and a world-class curriculum. Increasingly, we have been pushing for learning to be embedded in the course of our projects where our people are supported by personalised guidance through technology.

In March 2017, we launched Vantage, our new learning management portal and app. Previously, we had a system that only keeps track of training we have attended. Now, our people can design their own development plan, manage their learning, develop playlists (from podcasts to articles and elearns) and share these with others. The topics are diverse, anything from artificial intelligence to leadership and even wellbeing. 

While we are making the gradual shift to real-time development, we recognise that spending time in a training environment is still important.

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Each person at PwC receives an average of 70 hours of training a year. This exceeds the Malaysian Institute of Accountants’ (MIA) mandatory Continuing Professional Education (CPE) average training hours of approximately 40 hours a year.

Training for our auditors (below managerial level) is an average of 106 hours annually. This is 29% above the average 82 hours of training a year reported in Audit Oversight Board’s 2016 report.


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