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Our firmwide flex+ programme forms part of our wider Diversity & Inclusion initiative which aims to support work-life integration to make PwC a more attractive place to work.

The programme comprises various forms of flexibility and benefits to enable our people to operate at their personal best at work, better manage their commitments outside work, rejuvenate or juggle the responsibility of parenting.

Flex+ is divided into three main categories: flex@work, life@work and parents@work

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*Milestone benefit for Managers and above

In September 2017, we launched three new initiatives under flex+:  flexCare, flexMed and flexMum. And in December 2017, flexPoints was launched. 

gender equality, reduced inequalities

flexCare: Additional leave, should an unfortunate event occur, or to care for immediate family members.


flexMed: Medical Leave without the need for a medical chit


flexPoints: A real-time recognition programme that allows our people to express appreciation and/or recognise the contributions of their colleagues through a webpage and mobile app. 


flexMum: New mothers can opt for a shorter maternity leave period and 'flex' the remaining days to flexMum leave, which can be taken throughout the newborn’s first year of birth.


Employment for people living with disabilities: We have three people who are visually impaired, two who use a wheelchair, and a person of short stature.


Paternity and adoption leave of 5 days compared to the industry average of 2 days.


Room and facilities for breastfeeding mothers.


Reserved parking bays for pregnant ladies.



Our Reduced Work Week programme helped retain some of our working mothers. Here’s what our people had to say about being on the programme: video



flexSpace: The option for managers and above to work from outside the office, when the situation calls for it.

flexMobile: Allowance for calls, data and broadband subscriptions, helping our people work from anywhere.



flexWear: Dress down in jeans on Fridays. 

flexFridays: The flexibility to leave work at 12.30pm every second Friday of the month. Follow us at #flexfridayspwc


rest and refresh

Rest & Refresh: Since 2016, the firm closes for a week or more at the end of the year to encourage our people to take well-deserved breaks to rejuvenate. #PwCWellbeing


birthday leave

Birthday leave: Managers and above can take time off on their birthdays (on top of yearly leave allocation)



Lifestyle subsidy: Reimbursement for gadgets, travel, office wear, personal development and wellbeing expenses for Managers and above.


cr fund

Corporate Responsibility Fund: Monetary assistance for our people who are in financial need due to family circumstances, or who are victims of natural disasters.



Interest free study loan: Financial assistance for non-graduates to pursue a degree or professional qualification, which is relevant to the respective person’s job.



Great Place to Work programme (GPW): Consists of initiatives planned with our people in mind, such as discounts from department stores, as well as wellbeing workshops that focus on topics such as safety, fitness, finance, image/dressing right and health checks.


Read about other topics under 'Attractive place to work' : Growth and development , Corporate Responsibility and #PwCWellbeing.

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