Enhancing our value proposition to attract and retain talent through GROW

Vantage - the Spotify for learning

We launched Vantage in 2017. It’s a learning tool customised to each individual, giving our people the ability to play and curate learning playlists, just like Spotify.

Our people are able to build PwC Professional capabilities on the go, by learning from sources such as Harvard Business Review, The Economist, PwC thought leadership and our business curriculum. 

Top 3 learning assets :
  1. Business this week - The Economist 
  2. Manage your energy not your time 
  3. Our Planet: Our Business

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Job Rotations

We provide opportunities for job rotations through specific programmes, which allowsour people to gain experience and expand their horizons while also encouraging cross team collaborations.  Example of these programmes are as follows:

  • Inter-Deals Agility Programme (IDAP) : A two-year agility programme, which includes rotation between Malaysia and Vietnam, to equip Deals employees with experience in the full  ‘Mergers & Acquisition’ cycle

  • Tax Management Trainee (TMT) : Designed to develop future leaders in Tax by giving them the exposure of job rotations across Tax specialist and industry groups, and a rotation in Assurance.
  • AgilityX : A rotation programme for Associates and Senior Associates in Consulting to gain broader exposure across various Competency Groups (CG) through on-the-job training.
  • Industry Xplorer: It gives first-year Assurance Associates the opportunity to experience a variety of clients and industries before they specialise in a specific industry. 
  • ‘Tour of Duty’ : An option for Assurance Managers and Senior Managers to take on a different role in our firm services or non-client facing Assurance teams for 12 months or longer. This helps them develop a holistic skill set and prepares them to be better leaders.  We had two Assurance staff who did a tour of duty in Learning & Development in FY19. 

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Tax Management Trainee: Shaping the leaders of tomorrow

The Tax Management Trainee (TMT) programme is designed to develop Tax future leaders. They gain experience through on-the-job learning, job shadowing, career coaching, online/classroom training and volunteering opportunities, with the exposure of job rotation across Tax specialist and industry groups, and a rotation


‘NextGen’ is a programme to support the career growth of young managers and experienced seniors through engagement and development opportunities across functions and business units. NextGen consist of a team which plans and implements initiatives for their wider cohort which are presented to our firm’s leadership team. Example of initiatives planned by the NextGen team include: Coffee sessions with Directors from different business units, Internal networking events and sharing sessions for the cohort and Dialogue with senior leaders.

One Firm - Lunch & Learns

In line with the One Firm approach, this learning session provides opportunities to upskill and expand knowledge in various areas. In FY19, topics such as Halal Industry, Data Privacy, and Decoding Employment Tax were shared. 

Professional Training

While we are making the gradual shift to real-time development, we recognise that spending time in a training environment is still important.

Each person at PwC receives an average of 47 hours of training a year. This exceeds the Malaysian Institute of Accountants’ (MIA) mandatory Continuing Professional Education (CPE) average training hours of approximately 40 hours a year.

Training for our auditors (Assistant Managers and below) is an average of 84 hours annually. This is 20% above the average 70 hours of training a year reported in Audit Oversight Board’s 2018 report.

Training hours




Learner’s time (including exam leave and attending exams)




Internal instructors’ time (client facing staff)








Preparing our people for digital distruption

In 2019, we want to up our game by focusing on what we call Future Skills, a combination of digital skills and human skills so that we continue to deliver our distinctive value to our clients and our people. The Future Skills programme will be launched in two phases with the first phase focusing on laying foundations and the second phase to bring these skills to life. 

We plan to embed the identified skills for all our people, to use technology in sustaining this change as a community (e.g. through co-labs) and to apply these skills in day-to-day client engagements. The consumption, adoption and application of these new digital skills are within a supportive ecosystem. For example, our people will have access to targeted curriculum available on an app to connect and learn from other PwC people in a community site. 

We also have initiatives such as DATE week – Digital and Tech Enablement Week - which was also introduced in 2019. The cross-border inaugural Data and Analytic (D&A) campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the power of D&A tools.

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