Enhancing our value proposition to attract and retain talent

Attractive place to work for a talented & agile workforce

Attractive place to work for a talented and agile workforce

This is the third pillar in PwC Malaysia's four-year priority. We are on a journey to create an experience that motivates our people to give their best, and to stay and grow their career with PwC. By making PwC an attractive place to work, we also aim to attract people with different perspectives and diverse backgrounds. 

Enhance value proposition to attract and retain talent

At PwC, we understand that everyone has a unique way or working and with different priorities in life. To help us focus on what matters to our people, we took a deeper look at the four areas of Growth, Recognition, Opportunities, and Ways of Working (GROW).

Within each of these, we have different platforms and tools to help us all GROW in our very own unique and personal way, providing an experience that stays with us.  

The Career Deal

Growth anytime, anywhere Recognition for effort and a job well done Opportunities to solve important problems Ways of working that maximise impact

What does the deal mean?

We learn-by-doing, in teams and with a world-class curriculum. 

We value real-time recognition and appreciation of effort and a job well done. We recognise and reward beyond dollars and cents.

With our strong global brand, we open doors to working with leading clients and organisations on meaningful engagements. 

Market leading wellbeing and flexible working practices. We celebrate diverse points of view. 

Initiatives at PwC

  • Vantage
  • Job rotations
  • One Firm Lunch & Learns
  • Professional training 
  • Future Skills

  • flexPoints
  • Team awards:
    • ACE Awards

    • Commander Awards

    • Values Awards

    • Top Coach

  • Growth Teaming
  • #gethomesafe
  • flex+
  • #PwCWellbeing

Enhance value proposition to attract and retain talents through GROW :

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