PwC Trust Builders 2019

The Building Trust Challenge

This is a team competition for undergraduates studying in Malaysian universities or colleges. The competition challenges teams to showcase their critical thinking and business acumen by presenting a solution to rebuild trust in business.

The timeline

The situation

The IT Department of an online store, Buy Now, recently received an anonymous tip from a whistleblower that their systems may have been compromised. They ignored the claim as they had just invested in an advanced security system. Two weeks later, their online shopping portal was hacked, with a note claiming that the hackers also had access to Buy Now's payment gateway and their client data.  The CEO released a media statement stating that there was no data compromise despite numerous complaints from customers that there have been unauthorised charges made through their accounts.


Your challenge


Laying the foundation

(submission stage)

Form a team of three. Put on your crisis management team hat. Tell us how you would solve this issue, and rebuild trust with your stakeholders -  employees, investors, suppliers and customers. See the full submission requirements in the Challenge Terms & Conditions below.

Submissions have closed


Building your case

(final stage)

The final round with the top 10 teams presenting their final solutions – to our panel of judges. 

Finals: 12-13 April 2019

Click here for the finalist guidelines

What's in it for you

If you're an undergraduate in any field of study at a university or college in Malaysia - you can participate.

Just grab two fellow students and start building your case on how to win back trust.*

*Don't forget to read the Challenge Terms & Conditions!


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