Debt & Capital Advisory

What do we do?

We support businesses in achieving their financing objectives through their life cycle by identifying and implementing financing solutions, whether that be funding a growth agenda; how to get the best deal when resolving upcoming debt maturities; or accessing alternative sources of liquidity.

This includes assisting our clients raise debt by developing custom tailored and sustainable financing structures that are most optimal for them commercially. Additionally, we provide advice on how to achieve the most optimal capital structures including unlocking liquidity from the balance sheet when there is a need to alleviate pressure. 

We know how to manage the process on any engagement from end to end allowing management to continue focusing on running the day to day business operations. Our market knowledge and expertise allows us to appropriately articulate our client’s credit story thereby minimizing delivery risk.

Why us?

In addition to accessing PwC’s unrivalled global network, the following are key features to PwC’s service offering in the Middle East:

  1. Our independence from the funding source allows us to provide impartial, independent and practical advice. We also run a competitive process ensuring best results for our client without consideration for any follow-on distribution. Given we have no balance sheet, our interests are purely aligned with our clients where we work together to find the best solution for them with no bias towards any specific financier(s) or financing product(s).
  2. We have a successful track record of delivering on iconic debt raise deals including acquisition financing (Privatization), growth capital, project financing (greenfield/ brownfield project) and working capital.
  3. We know how “bankable” debt raise solutions should be structured. We have proven expertise across a range of products including senior and subordinated debt and quasi-equity products. We ensure that any funding position is most optimal for our client from a cash, accounting, taxation, legislative and commercial angle.
  4. Our broad and strong relationships with financiers, both regional and global, assists us in getting the best in class deals for our clients. Knowing the right people at the right levels in the lending community enables us to unlock bottlenecks . Our wide pool of investor relationships including mezzanine financiers, allow us to provide our clients with liquidity and product flexibility on optimal terms.
  5. Our team consists of ex-bankers and advisory professionals with over five decades of commercial/corporate banking and debt advisory experience. Given we are a well resourced international team, it equips us with the horsepower to drive the financing process from start to finish. Our robust experience in the debt market translates into us knowing how best to frame “the ask”  and position you in the best possible light with lenders.

Other natural benefits

The sheer volume and variety of transactions that we get involved with allows us a distinctive insight into the workings of the markets and financiers across the world. This gives us the benchmarks (across industries and geographies) and enables us to anticipate the trends, allowing us to push boundaries and enhance value for our clients in our negotiations.

Our relationship with lenders, investment funds, PE houses and other financiers means that we can help overcome obstacles quickly and ensure that company’s proposal is assessed at the right level and on a timely basis.

Our approach

Our approach to any engagement is simple- we provide advice and implementation services based on what can be practically delivered versus theoretically stated given the geography and circumstances our clients operate in. Our fee structure represents value for money as it comprises of a nominal retainer to ensure client buy-in, and a success fee element. We get paid the lion’s share of our fee when we achieve our clients objectives, thereby ensuring our interests are aligned with theirs and our skin is in the game from the onset.

We have listed below a series of questions that might help you in assessing whether our services might be of interest.

Key questions / considerations for you

  • Do you need funds for new investments (acquisitions, capex, working capital?)
  • Are you looking to improve the commercial terms and structure of your current debt facilities?
  • Are you within 12 months of needing to refinance existing facilities?
  • Do you wish to release encumbered assets or feel that your security structure is not optimal?
  • Are you facing a cash squeeze as a result of amortization payments coming up?
  • Are your finance documents or covenants impacting your flexibility to operate effectively?
  • Are you looking to improve your return on equity and optimize the capital structure? 
  • Do financiers view you as highly leveraged, and is this impacting your ability to operate / grow?
  • Do you wish to sell your business and want to structure the balance sheet in a way that could add value to your sale price?

If the answer to any of the questions is “yes”, then it's definitely time for us to collaborate.

Contact us

Mo Farzadi

Mo Farzadi

Business Restructuring Services Leader, PwC Middle East

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George Kakos

George Kakos

Partner, Debt & Capital Advisory, PwC Middle East

Tel: UAE: +971 56 682 0631 | KSA: +966 56 961 0097

Harkishan Advani

Harkishan Advani

Debt & Capital Advisory Leader, PwC Middle East

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