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Debt & Capital Advisory

What do we do?

In simple terms, PwC supports businesses to get the financing they need to achieve their ambitions. We not only advise on the structure and balance of financing requirements but also help raise the money in the most effective ways. 

Why us?

We are in the debt and capital markets on a daily basis.

In addition to accessing PwC’s unrivalled global network, three things are unique to PwC’s service offering in the Middle East:

  1. The breadth of our expertise in the full range of debt and capital markets (ranging from simple local loans, through to the most complex financing deals, encompassing multiple lenders/financiers, debt/fund types and jurisdictions);

  2. The strength and depth of our  relationships in these markets - allowing us to deliver seemingly difficult propositions swiftly; and

  3. Our independence, which allows us to get the best deal for the borrower every time, as we do not have to think about the profitability of the deal for the financier or the attractiveness of it for “on selling” it to other parties. We are free off such vested and conflicting interests which a lender or an investment bank may need to consider while simultaneously advising you.  

These elements put us in a strong position to advise clients on the most optimal structure and mix of funding that will achieve the company’s goal in the most efficient manner.

Our value add service spans across the entire spectrum from the initial concept to devising the optimal financing strategy to obtaining new funding, saving in finance costs, increasing the efficiency of security or the relaxation of covenants / documentary constraints or any other objective set by the client in the most efficient manner.

Other natural benefits

The sheer volume and variety of transactions that we get involved with allows us a distinctive insight into the workings of the markets and financiers across the world. This gives us the benchmarks (across industries and geographies) and enables us to anticipate the trends, allowing us to push boundaries and enhance value for our clients in our negotiations.

Our relationship with lenders, investment funds, PE houses and other financiers means that we can help overcome obstacles quickly and ensure that company’s proposal is assessed at the right level and on a timely basis.

Our approach

Our approach to any engagement is simple, we provide advice and implementation services based on what can be practically delivered in the geography and circumstances facing our clients – this is market driven, results focused and non-theoretical. We prefer to align our economic interest to the outcome for our clients, demonstrating and obtaining value for our clients first and then sharing a piece of the value we bring. However, we are flexible on fee structures and recognise that conventional success fee arrangements do not work in all situations.

We have listed below a series of questions that might help you in assessing whether our services might be of interest.

Key Questions / considerations for you

  • Do you need funds for new investments (capex, working capital, etc.?)
  • Is your interest rate currently higher than 5%?
  • Were your facilities structured at a time when the markets were less liquid and more expensive?
  • Are you within 12 months of needing to refinance existing facilities?
  • Do you wish to release encumbered assets or feel that your security structure is not optimal?
  • Do you face a cash squeeze as a result of amortisation payments coming up?
  • Are your finance documents or covenants impacting your flexibility to operate effectively?
  • Do financiers view you as highly leveraged, and  is this impacting your ability to operate / grow?
  • Do you wish to sell your business and want to structure the balance sheet in a way that could add value to your sale price?

If the answer to any of the questions above is a ‘yes” than it likely that we can be of assistance.

Contact us

Mo Farzadi

Mo Farzadi

Business Restructuring Services Leader, PwC Middle East

Tel: +971 4 304 3228

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