From Virtual to Reality

Six imperatives for becoming an AI-ready healthcare business

The Middle East is uniquely positioned to become a global centre of excellence for AI research and development; the public is ready but more needs to be done on at the business level

Over the past two years our Health Practice at PwC has sought to understand the readiness of the Middle East’s healthcare ecosystem for the wave of technological disruption rippling across the globe.

In 2017, as part of our “What Doctor?” report, we explored the willingness of the public to engage with AI for their healthcare needs. The public’s positive attitude towards AI raised new questions for healthcare industry leaders.

In this year’s publication, “From Virtual to Reality” surveyed healthcare leaders to assess their readiness for AI implementation. The result of the survey demonstrated there is a clear gap in readiness.

We have dedicated this report to cut through the AI haze by providing a deeper understanding of six areas we define as imperatives for healthcare businesses to address, if they are to successfully implement AI within their organisation.

For each area, we delve into the enablers and top challenges that were raised in our research, and highlight the ways in which the industry is adopting AI, both globally and across the Middle East.

The Six Imperatives for Transformation

The six imperatives for transformation

So where do we go from here?

The key is beginning with a vision that never loses sight of the human aspect of healthcare. AI acts as an enabler for better healthcare outcomes, and these outcomes can only be achieved through creating the right culture, involving the right people and ensuring imperatives are aligned, ultimately to be part of creating a new reality of healthier living for everyone.

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