ESG Priorities for the banking sector in Kuwait

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has increasingly become a strategic priority for financial services institutions and will have a significant impact on the stability of the financial and banking sector in the State of Kuwait.

Stakeholders of all kinds are demanding greater accountability and transparency from businesses across the world, including in the GCC. As customers, investors, and others grow increasingly concerned about the impact of business activities on the environment and on social outcomes, organisations must realise that they owe it to themselves, and the wider community, to improve upon their sustainability practices in order to address risks, grab opportunities, and cement their organisation as a true business leader.

In light of these changes, PwC Middle East hosted a specialized workshop on how the ESG playing field is evolving and the ESG requirements and standards related to the financial and banking sector in the State of Kuwait on the 2nd of June, where we discussed:

  1. ESG in the Banking sector - From Profit to Impact. From Shareholders to Stakeholders.
  2. ESG opportunities, benefits and most critical challenges
  3. How can we embed ESG into business strategies, business lines, and policies and procedures?
  4. How is this relevant to Kuwait and where can the organizations start from?


  • Ahmed Al Kiswani, Partner, Financial Services Leader - Kuwait, PwC Middle East
  • Aurélien Vincent, Partner, Financial Services, Strategy& Middle East
  • Dr. Ehab Shalaby, Founder and CEO, DCarbon

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