Data Science & AI

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Analytics & AI

What do we do?

  • We help companies identify use cases for advanced analytics and artificial intelligence in areas such as computer vision, signal processing and internet of things (IoT) and natural language processing.
  • We leverage advanced mathematical modelling and machine learning to help you be proactive and not reactive to market trends and changes in their environment.

Business Impact

  • Delivered the AI strategy for a CEE manufacturer.
  • Built several use cases and prototypes for a global insurer who established a Center of Excellence in Czechia.
  • We saved millions of euros to a large manufacturing company in the automotive industry by leveraging machine learning methods to forecast illness among their workforce, hence removing operating risk.

Customer Analytics

What do we do?

  • We analyze customer behavior to help companies become customer-centric, which improves customer satisfaction and retention as well as profitability in the mid/long term.
  • Prevent revenue loss by identifying customers prone to churn.
  • Develop different models to help our clients in three main topics around customer management: acquisition, retention and growth.

Business Impact

  • We analyzed a sample of the customer base of a large bank in CEE to find segments of customers that might be good candidates for a loan offer, based on their change in behavioral patterns before and after the strike of SARS-COV-2. This unlocked revenue potential for the bank worth thousands of euros.
  • Improved customer retention for a mid-sized bank in CEE, member of a global banking group. Thanks to our proactive approach, a 30% save rate was achieved, which turned out to be worth 40 million euro per year.
  • Built customer lifetime value and segmentation models for clients across different industries: telecommunications, banking and finance, insurance, ecommerce.

Geospatial Analytics

What do we do?

  • Using our data analytics capabilities, we fuse your client data with our location intelligence to provide you with a detailed geo-socio-demographic segmentation of the market that can serve as a basis for personalized marketing and client behavior prediction.
  • We provide you with an automated tool that leverages spatial data to provide neighborhood and environment-based real estate scoring and valuation, price maps, footfall.
  • We calculate the exposure and accessibility of your branches and ATMs, identify the key factors influencing their performance and suggest possible improvements (such as relocations or staff changes). We can also assist in setting the KPIs for individual branches.

Business Impact

  • Helped a national European bank target priority customer segments and make critical decisions regarding its branch strategy.
  • Provide automated credit risk scoring services to major national banks through the integration of geo-spatial data and public & 3rd party records.

Product descriptions


PwC GeoDataMart is a complex database covering datasets on everything that can be considered spatially. It allows for very precise analyses on the local level, unavailable to any Competitor.

PwC GeoDataMart is fed with commercial and publicly available data regularly, both manually and through PwC Data Collector, a set of automated downloading tools. Data is available to the smallest possible aggregate – often down to address point level.

Various data sources are the guarantee of quality and completeness of our database.

PwC GeoDataMart has already been successfully implemented in Poland, Czechia, Spain, Russia, USA, Ireland and United Arab Emirates.

Profitability Suite

PwC’s Profitability Suite is a collection of blueprints and accelerators that can boost the profitability of your business, whether you are a large national bank or a mid-sized company.

We suggest to begin with a revision of your pricing strategy, which goes beyond benchmarking with competitors. We help you optimize and deliver individual pricing.

The next step is behavioral segmentation, which includes the calculation of customer lifetime value. This analytical exercise can help, for instance, boost the impact of marketing campaigns and is a first step for developing next-best offer and propensity models.

Last but not least, churn management is crucial for the health of the business, since repeat customers generate a substantial part of the revenue for many companies. Having a churn management policy in place helps you react and prevent revenue leaks.


Marek Novotný

Marek Novotný

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Tomáš Píhrt

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