Data processing and data visualisation using Power BI

Learn how to increase strategic value using Power BI

Data processing and data visualisation using Power BI

Do you spend more time processing data than interpreting it? Would you like to know your year-on-year improvement? You know that a problem is only evident in one part of the company, but is it difficult to show this? Do you feel it’s time to employ smart technology, but you don’t know how and where to start?
This practical training has been set up as a unique combination of HR training experience (HR Academy, CIPD programmes), HR Controlling (HR indicators), and small automation (data visualisation using PowerBI). The course will teach you to create dynamic dashboards using Power BI and process data efficiently, quickly and without unnecessary extra steps.



Module 1: What is Power BI

Main topics: 
  • Introduction to Power BI and an example of a dashboard.
  • What do we want to visualise? What data views will be useful? Which indicators will be most appropriate?
  • Simple data processing, development of an efficient model, and first visualisation.


Module 2: Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View

Main topics:
  • Extensive capabilities of Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power View.
  • When and how to use a bar, line, or ribbon chart?
  • When should we use a waterfall chart?
  • Capabilities of a scatter chart.
  • Effective use of filters.
  • Setting up relations in Power Pivot.
  • Editing data in Power Query.

You will test everything on a data set.


Module 3: Practical training

Main topics:
  • Comments and feedback on homework.
  • Group work processing and creation of own visualizations.
  • Sharing feedback and ideas with other groups.


Course details

Data visualisation using Power BI enables fast data reading, easy data interpretation, and quick decision-making. It can disclose trends and relations, even without programming knowledge. The training consists of 3 modules that each last 3 hours and takes place only in Slovak language

Why to sign up for this course?
  • Individual and group activities, mutual feedback, and draft visualisations,
  • Interactive training during which you will receive theoretical knowledge, try your hand at everything, and create your first dynamic dashboards,
  • Useful tips and tricks on working with data using Power BI.


The study programme is suitable for professionals from various fields who are interested in simple but effective data editing and processing, creation of visualisations and dashboards.


There are no special entrance requirements for this course.

The training is open to anyone who is interested in learning to create dynamic dashboards using Power BI and process data efficiently.


After completing the course, you will receive a PwC Academy certificate.


Dates and details of the course

Date Course CPD points Language Place Price (excl. VAT) Registration
Autumn 2023

Data processing & data visualisation using Power BI

9 Slovak language Online

18 500 CZK


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