Unlocking human potential: maximising performance through people

Perform: Changing the Work Culture

Perform programme is based on Lean tools, which shifts people mindset and behaviours in order to drive continuous improvement culture. Perform supports the capacity to grow through your people.

Perform builds a high performance culture through creating new ways of working and getting the best out of people.

It optimises what managers and their teams do, how they do it, and the tools they use.

The programme introduces 10 elements changing the way teams work and communicate to be more effective and more efficient.

The key for success

The key for success is to implement all of these elements together and make them work as a system in order to achieve sustainable results, considering:

New behaviours
Foster a culture of innovation and adaptability.

Lean Tools and New Capability
Integrate Lean methods for streamlined agile processes.

Align efforts with clear goals, regularly refining strategies.

Optimise processes through technology, prioritising resource efficiency.

Ten key elements

Celebrating Success

Motivating team members and team leaders through visibility and recognition of strong performance and improvement.

Coaching & Capability

Developing the coaching style of team leaders to enable them to have productive conversations and develop team members.

Routines & Practices

Drive a cultural change through embedding value-add management practices to reinforce coaching and drive performance.

Problem Solving

Empowering team members and team leaders to problem solve on a daily basis, through providing them with tools and techniques to identify and address the root cause.

Process Check

Ensuring adherence with minimum standards and processes, and providing team members with instant feedback to help sustain ways of working.


Supporting managers and team leaders in working with their team to identify team vision and KPIs, and aligning these to organisational goals and priorities.


Create a tiered management system with effective daily functional and team performance meetings, and weekly/monthly team and team member performance discussions.

Information Centres

Design information centres to make performance visible, with a range of lead and lag indicators across multiple dimensions and use of visual management to identify issue.

Planning & Control

Incorporating capacity and demand management principles for intra- and inter- day sharing of workloads and capacity, and defining control triggers to effectively deal with deviations against the plan.


Consistent application of standard tools and frameworks, and embedding minimum standards to collate and share best practice across team members and teams.

How Perform changes the company culture and people behaviours?

Capacity Creation

Capacity creation to meet the future needs of the business and support further growth.

Tools and skills

Leaders equipped with the tools and skills required to effectively challenge, coach and recognise high performance.

Driving performance

Increasing leaders time with their teams, building capability and driving performance.

Effective management workload

Effective management of workload through better capacity planning to limit the impact of demand fluctuations and reduce overtime.

Improved business quality

Shift the focus from firefighting to value-add activities and improve business quality, service levels and customer satisfaction.

Improved efficiency

Team members solving problems to improve efficiency, quality and customer feedback in their teams.

Sharing best practices

Sharing best practice within and across teams and locations to reduce performance variation.

Typical deployment

  • Implementation through on-site, full time coaching – for 12-16 weeks

  • Starts with an intensive boot camp than engages and inspires

  • Targets team leaders and managers

  • Introduces a framework of techniques that works with teams and functions

  • Introduces techniques incrementally across a 12-16 week roll out so as to embed each element before adding another

  • The client teams ‘own’ the design, the build and the running of each element so sustainability is guaranteed
  • We exemplify the new ways of working – train, coach and choreograph each tool, technique and step of the journey


The power of Perform

The power of Perform is about the way we address behaviours, which results in higher engagement to develop and drive process improvements.

* this depends on the maturity of the company – the more mature the company is, the less capacity would be generated

Business outcomes


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