Unlocking the power of AI for your business success

Cutting-edge AI-based business models and operational approaches

Unlocking the power of AI for your business success

Artificial intelligence is reshaping today’s world in more ways than any of us would ever imagine, and it is happening really fast! 

Join our live online training to unlock the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in revolutionising your business operations and success. By harnessing AI and data at the core of your capabilities, you will redefine how value is created, captured, and shared, achieving impressive growth in any industry or business model.

In this workshop, you will delve into cutting-edge AI-based business models and operational approaches, exploring the potential of headline-grabbing tools like ChatGPT. Through a comprehensive exploration of AI capabilities, you will equip yourself to navigate today's data-driven environments and position your company as an AI-first leader. While uncovering the possibilities of AI, we will also delve into the ethical challenges that arise when leveraging vast amounts of data and sophisticated analytics. Prepare to thrive in the AI era, enhancing your business strategies while remaining mindful of ethical considerations.



Practical Applications of AI 
  • AI in Healthcare,

  • AI in Business and E-commerce,

  • AI in Autonomous Vehicles,

  • AI in Entertainment,

  • AI in Finance,

  • AI in Technology (AI in Blockchain ),

  • AI in Technology (AI in IOT).


Prompt Engineering
  • What is Prompt Engineering?

  • Importance of Prompt Engineering,

  • Applications of Prompt Engineering.

The Future of AI in Business 
  • How Will AI Continue to Transform Business? 

  • What New Problems Will We Be Able to Solve? 

  • Ethical and Moral Issues,

  • Preparing for the Future of AI.

Course details

The course consists of two modules and is eight hours in duration.

By joining the online training, you will: 
  • Assess and understand your organization's existing AI capabilities to identify strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas for improvement.

  • Create a comprehensive roadmap to effectively integrate AI technologies within your firm, fostering a culture of innovation and successful AI implementation.

  • Explore strategies and best practices to transition your business model toward an AI-driven approach, unlocking new opportunities for growth and efficiency.

  • Leverage AI technologies to create competitive advantages in your industry, enabling your organization to stand out and thrive in a dynamic market.

  • Lead the transformational journey within your organization, empowering teams to embrace AI and adapt to the changing business landscape.


This program is designed for a diverse range of professionals:
  • Decision-makers, leaders, and individual contributors across established companies and startups of all sizes,
  • Anyone who is responsible for shaping organisation's AI, data analytics, or digital transformation strategy, 
  • Business and technology leaders who aim to deploy the latest AI tools to unlock new sources of strategic and operational value,
  • Individuals in strategy-related roles, such as product management, digital and information technology operations, marketing, supply chain and operations, talent management, and more, 
  • Government officials engaged in developing strategies and policies related to AI, privacy, security implications, and its potential impact on service delivery,

This training is ideal for professionals with little or no expertise in artificial intelligence.


On conclusion of the training programme, the participants will receive a PwC certificate.


Dates and details

Date Course CPD points Language Place Price
(excl. VAT)
To be confirmed Unlocking the power of AI for your business success 8



8,500 CZK


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