Client case studies: Leveraging data, and knowing where to start

Data analytics

Our client was able to quickly resolve a long list of system exceptions and address a sticky issue that was having a negative impact on their relationship with service providers.

Client challenge

As a part of its ongoing commitment to service excellence, our client needed to build a strong self-serve analytics capability so they could understand and manage exceptions related to their Farecard system and services. However, the large upfront costs associated with developing a data warehouse solution had led to decision paralysis. They had no idea where to start in order to reduce exceptions and address their service providers’ concerns over financial transaction settlement times.


Our team obtained client commitment for an initial three-week assignment, during which they analyzed the client’s data using QlikView—a laptop-based data analytics tool. After examining the data—and proving our value—next steps involved collaboration and feedback. We hosted four sessions with the client in order to examine the data in real time. By the end of the initial period, our team was able to find answers to our client’s most pressing questions. These answers allowed our client to immediately address the majority of exceptions and provide clarity to stakeholders.

Business impact

The project resulted in a huge benefit to the client’s overall business and its relationship with its service providers. It saved time, money and reduced the risks associated with a large scale analytics implementation. Most importantly, it helped the client quickly resolve issues with its service providers, which has led to a more positive stakeholder relationship.

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