Tax, trade and regulatory

Common challenges and worries

  • Income tax, transfer pricing, indirect tax, and tariff issues that are due to disrupted supply chains and shifts in operations.

  • Addressing income tax implications of repatriating or redeploying key personnel.

  • Cross-border tariff and compliance implications of getting needed emergency exports to China (e.g., medical supplies).

  • Understanding impacts of disruption on tax attributes, losses, recoveries and reinvestment plans.

  • Impacts of costs and risk on transfer pricing policies.

  • Potentially lasting impacts on tax footprint and operating models.

  • Reporting and disclosures to ensure tax and customs compliance.

Suggested next steps

  • Evaluate tax, trade and tariff implications of alternatives to your global supply chain.

  • Track business travelers, provide immigration assistance, address income tax implications of repatriating global employees.

  • Understand how to get needed exports to China quickly (e.g., medical equipment and supplies), including import processes to minimize delays through expedited customs procedures.

  • Seek advice on utilizing tax losses, other tax attributes and tax impact of cash repatriation that may arise from the emergency.

  • Assess Asian structure and review other plans to diversify Asia operating models, while considering cross-border tax and transfer pricing issues.

  • Understand any required changes in reporting and disclosures required for tax and customs compliance.

How we’ve helped others

  • Through a holistic approach to global structuring, we have provided the world’s top businesses with tax and trade advice to optimize their global and regional value chains and operating models, including supply chains. 
  • We bring an unmatched combination of industry, strategy, global mobility, HR, immigration, tax, analytics and technology expertise from around the world to assist clients in critical people and organizational situations. 
  • Our global network of customs experts utilizes our relationships and expertise to facilitate import/export of goods for our clients.
  • We help companies determine proper tax treatment of losses and other attributes at the federal and provincial levels, when emergencies occur.
  • Our technology-enabled quantitative solutions practice helps the world’s largest companies model the impacts of cross-border tax regimes on their tax attributes and financial cost.

You are not alone. We are here to help.

  • Proactive customs and tariff strategies

  • Global trade policy consulting

  • Regulatory risk remediation

  • Global structuring

  • Value chain transformation

  • Transfer pricing planning

  • Tax- and tariff-efficient supply chain strategies

  • Global trade services

  • Global mobility consulting

  • Immigration services

  • US federal tax planning

  • US state tax planning

  • Hedging and cash planning

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