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Geneviève on the healing power of nature

May 06, 2022

It’s so important to spend time outside, not only for your mental health, but also to connect with our environment and become stewards of it, as well as to learn how to take a step back and reflect. We work hard at PwC Canada, solving important problems for our clients, so the firm encourages us to look after our physical and mental well-being. For me, getting outside is a way to do both of those, and the firm empowers me with many tools and opportunities to make it happen.

Genevieve camping

Whitewater kayaking, camping, hiking, mountaineering, climbing, skiing—I’ll try anything to get outdoors. I’m also a bit of a thrill- seeker, so if there’s an element of risk involved…even better. But for me, it’s not just about the excitement.

If I go a few weeks without an outdoor component, it really affects my mood for the worse. These adventures, big and small, are like a healthy reset button. There’s a simplicity to being in nature, but also a challenge in being exposed to the elements, without the luxuries of modern living, that humbles and grounds you. It allows you the privilege of stepping away from trivial things. Nothing has changed ultimately—just my perspective.

The extroverted part of me loves to share my passion for the outdoors with new people, including colleagues and friends, and I love helping people experience nature in a way that’s accessible to them. Some people don’t like the outdoors because they’re intimidated by it or aren’t equipped to deal with the elements. Canadian winters can be especially overwhelming. But sometimes it’s as simple as sharing supportive words or information to encourage people to try something new.

My challenge to you? Try to spend more time in the outdoors and see the positive impact it has on your own sense of well-being!

Geneviève joined the firm in May 2021. She works in Consulting supporting HR Transformation, helping clients build an HR structure in which their teams and people can thrive. In one of her past professional endeavours, she coached skiing for almost 10 years in various international locations, including Australia.