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Adjusting to domestic trends and changes

The real estate industry is highly susceptible to changing demographics, interest rate spikes and the economy. To maintain a competitive edge companies need to ensure they are taking calculated risks and seizing the right opportunities.

Whether you are a real estate owner, investor, lender or lease-holder, you face both risks and opportunities in the increasingly diverse and rapidly expanding real estate industry. Economic fluctuations, evolving market demand, innovative financial structures, new forms of risk and a changing investor base are making it more important than ever to have a market-oriented real estate strategy that preserves and enhances value and allocates risk to the most appropriate stakeholder.

While housing woes have deflated the US economy, Canada's real estate industry continues to experience moderate growth. However, this sector still needs to maintain a conservative outlook because the industry won't stay insulated from the US economic crisis for long.


The real estate industry is also facing competition for skilled labour, shrinking land supply in major centres, demands for more social corporate responsibility, all of which is making development even more difficult.

PricewaterhouseCoopers has significant experience in all real estate segments. We serve the business, financial, tax and real estate advisory service needs of a variety of companies across the country. Our practice combines the business acumen and industry expertise with a tailored methodology that focuses on the way you run your business.

Some of these issues include:

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