Effective enterprise asset management

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For asset-intensive organizations, improvement of asset performance and cost reduction are critical challenges. If done incorrectly, they can result in poor performance and increased costs over the assets’ lifecycle. Too often, enterprise asset management (EAM) processes are also disconnected from enterprise goals and don’t support the strategy and vision necessary for moving forward. Asset management strategy and tactical execution—that respond quickly to volatile markets, increasingly scarce resources and technological change—should deliver sustainable success. Increased uptime, output and asset reliability are non-negotiable today. This means: effective asset planning; scheduling; maintenance; operation; performance monitoring; acquisition and disposal; funding of assets; and accounting for and disclosing of assets.

Our EAM team will help you deal with:

  • unplanned outages, asset down time and general asset reliability
  • underperforming and aging assets
  • planning and scheduling issues, growing maintenance costs, risk and safety concerns and environmental issues
  • high operating costs and strained cash flow
  • complying with new acts, standards, guidelines and regulations that impact on the management of assets
  • unreliable data with regard to your asset portfolio
  • implementing a complete EAM framework and maximizing returns
  • lack of technology and skills to implement legislative requirements
  • ISO 9001 and ISO55001 compliance
  • unbundling immoveable assets and ensuring compliance with accounting standards
Our asset lifecycle management (ALM) methodology helps our clients improve their installed asset base and capital expenditures through capital portfolio management, effective project execution, and robust strategies to operate and maintain assets.

Assessing Enterprise Asset Management

We provide a full range of customized asset management services that examine how your organization compares with leading practices. Our experience implementing Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) allows us to rapidly identify the issues and their root causes. We use this to develop a tailored a plan that prioritizes your assets for long-term, effective and efficient operations.

Our assessments will help you:
  • identify cost reduction opportunities
  • identify root causes of inefficient operating maintenance functions
  • quantify strategic initiatives
  • focus your maintenance dollars
  • balance performance with risk and cost

Program delivery partner

We support you in improving your asset management processes and systems, to increase capabilities and establish a sustainable asset lifecycle.
We take into account leading practice management systems, such as the ISO5500x series of standards, to balance asset performance, risk and cost.

We support all of the following areas:
  • Strategy: Alignment of vision and operations
  • Structure: Governance and policy
  • Process: Alignment and discipline
  • People: Skills and capability
  • Technology: Systems and data

Step change delivery partner

We help you execute major improvement initiatives that rely on cross-functional collaboration and enterprise-wide implementations.

Our EAM professionals bring decades of expertise in the following areas:
  • reliability centered maintenance (RCM)
  • condition based maintenance (CBM)
  • work management
  • total productive maintenance with a Lean focus
  • maintenance, procurement and inventory integration
  • turnover and commissioning
  • technology implementation (e.g. SAP PM and Maximo)

PwC Insights

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Effective EAM

When it comes to EAM, there's a scientific way to looking at balancing, cost, productivity, and risk. We can apply the science of a maintenance to an organization's practice.
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