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A world of differences: Global entertainment and media outlook 2016-2020
To capture attention and build value, companies need to understand how local and global markets are impacted by the changing pace of the entertainment and media (E&M) industry. For 17 years, PwC’s Global entertainment and media outlook has been providing expert commentary and insights centred on the shifts in advertising and consumer spending.

Beyond digital: The Global entertainment and media Outlook 2015-2019, Global and Canadian highlights
Each year, PwC’s global team of entertainment and media experts generate in-depth market data, spending forecasts and commentary for 13 industry segments and 54 countries around the world.

The big table: Film and video incentives in Canada 2015
Canada has numerous tax incentives for companies that develop film, video and digital content, including video games. For help understanding these incentives, navigate the interactive maps and read PwC’s big table publications.

Finding the way forward
As the entertainment and media sector has grown more comfortable with the digital world, we’ve seen digital become increasingly embedded into business as usual and companies adapt and evolve in response.

Marketing goes local
The shift to digital has revolutionized advertising & marketing sectors so quickly that organizations are still grappling with it. PwC's report, "Marketing goes local," can help.

Global Gaming Outlook
The second annual edition of the Global Gaming Outlook looks at trends in both the casino and online gaming industries. Key findings indicate that Canada will remain somewhat ahead of the US in joining up state-level regulations.