Corporate responsibility

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In PwC's eigth annual Corporate Responsibility (CR) Highlights publication, we have provided an overview of our achievements of the past year, ongoing actions, as well as new activities for the coming year. Through all of these actions, we are developing responsible leaders who have the skills, experience and relationships necessary to create value for our clients across all aspects of social and environmental sustainability—both today and in the longer term.


Community Engagement

Throughout FY16, our goals were to continue encouraging our people to engage in meaningful community experiences that build capabilities; recognizing our people for their community work; developing relationships across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, especially through the development of thought leadership and evaluating our current programs to encourage innovation.


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  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada Foundation

The PwC Canada Foundation was created in 2004 to help enhance and expand the firm’s philanthropic activities. The mission of the foundation is to make a positive, lasting change on our communities through the sharing of our time, expertise and resources.


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Environmental Stewardship

We’re building awareness of our environmental footprint and taking measureable steps to reduce it through our daily practices

PwC Canada’s renewed environmental policy outlines our commitment to reducing the environmental impacts of our operations and activities. You can find a link to the policy on our website. During FY16, we continued to engage our employees in a dialogue about environmental stewardship and made progress towards measuring and monitoring our footprint.


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Investing in our people

Whether it’s submitting a proposal to clients, learning from each other’s ideas and experiences or participating in a volunteer day with colleagues, the backbone of everything we do is teamwork and collaboration with people from diverse backgrounds with diverse thoughts and experiences.

This is how we create a high performance culture, where everyone challenges and supports each other to be the best we can be and to play our individual parts in our firm’s collective success.


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Responsible Business and the Marketplace

At PwC, we play a significant role in the world’s capital markets. We take pride that our people and services help improve the credibility, transparency and reliability of financial statements and information that help guide investors and stakeholders to make informed decisions.

We believe we have a responsibility to uphold and embody ethics, transparency and integrity in all aspects of our work. Our people are leaders who can promote trust in business and use their skills and relationships to promote more ethical and responsible behaviour in the marketplace. By exemplifying responsible leadership and showcasing how sustainability is a core component of strong governance and organizational accountability, we know we can make a significant difference in the success of our people, clients and communities.

Our marketplace initiatives in FY16 reflected our ongoing efforts to integrate good corporate responsibility practices into our own business operations and to look for opportunities to lead the debate on issues impacting our profession. To that end, we continued to focus on enhancing risk management practices—not only for our own operations but also for our clients.

We also continued to develop thought leadership on a variety of topics, including trust in business, market transformation and sustainability, to support our clients in addressing emerging issues related to responsible business. For the fifth year in a row, we conducted an economic impact analysis to help quantify our firm’s impact on the marketplace as well as provided a detailed summary of how our firm’s sponsorships are creating tangible impacts for our communities.

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