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HR Controlling

Platform for effective HR management

Are you effectively managing your human capital?

We will help you monitor how the effectivity of an HR management system is connected with financial results and a company’s overall productivity.

83 companies from 9 sectors participated in the HR Controlling 2021 Study (92 indicators evaluated).Využite naše dlhoročné skúsenosti.

Take advantage of our long-standing experience.

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We provide clients with the following benefits in our tool:

Simple questionnaire completion

We have simplified the completion of the questionnaire – the questionnaire is shorter and focuses on areas our clients monitor and evaluate most frequently.

Interactive online outputs

We provide clients with a benchmark to the market via an interactive and simple web application

Individual detailed analysis (A NEW BENEFIT)

Respondents may purchase a detailed analysis of their results and the output is shown in an interactive dashboard in PowerBI.

Consultations on the study results

Our professional consultants are available to help you understand and interpret your results and plan the next steps.

Results from the HR Controlling 2021 Study

83 companies from 9 sectors participated in the HR Controlling 2021 Study (92 indicators evaluated).

Market median 12%

What is your staff turnover compared to the market?


Market median €1.2

How do you make the most of every single euro invested in human capital?


Market median 12%

What percentage of remuneration is your performance component?
How do you motivate your staff to perform better?


HR Controlling helps with strategic decision-making

In the HR Controlling Study, we also help our clients set up an internal HR Controlling system. The combination of internal monitoring and market benchmarking represents a powerful basis for strategic decision making.

HR Controlling (formerly HR Benchmarking) is a regular PwC survey, which allows monitoring of the connection between the efficiency of the HR management system, the company’s financial results, and its overall productivity. When managing human resources, we measure more than 80 indicators divided into 8 areas.

The survey is based on the international methodology of the PwC Saratoga Institute. This methodology provides an empirically proven model for measuring performance in HR management, which is used in more than 35 countries across the world.

Ľudmila Guerin
CEE Strategy & Transformation Senior Manager

“Today, there is more than enough data and information at our disposal, which was not the case in the past. It is easy to process this data using the tools now available. What is now important is visualization and interpretation of data. HR Controlling is the tool that can do this for you.”

The outputs of the HR Controlling study include:

The final report from the HR Controlling study contains a complete analysis of more than 80 key HR indictors (KPIs) and an overview of all indicators, including the methodology of their calculation.

An interactive benchmark to the market via a web application. The interface offers a tabular and graphical presentation and structured data export.

An analysis of company results via an interactive PowerBI tool. Identification of strengths and the potential for improvements based on relevant indicators in 8 areas.

Leading HR Organisation

In 2012, we launched the Leading HR Organisation competition in Slovakia, where we identify the company with the most efficient HR management. The award recognizes companies that manage their human capital and HR processes in the most efficient way.

All companies that have participated in the HR Controlling Study are included in the competition.

More information is available on the Leading HR Organisation website.

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Ľudmila Guerin

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