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Summer is approaching fast, and temperatures will soon be unbearable. Deadlines have been met, budgets approved, and KPIs achieved.

Get under the shade, put your legs up on the table, make a refreshing drink, and join our Summer Academy Online. 

We have prepared attractive topics, top speakers, and loads of fun! Learn how to market your skills and personality, do not get fooled when decision making and become a player able to quickly adapt to any change.

Summer Academy Webinars

How to manage bias in decision making

During the webinar, you will learn to think critically, and recognize, realize, and minimize decision-making errors. We will teach you to understand the causes and consequences and to look at things from multiple perspectives in order to improve your performance in your organization. We will give you practical advice on how to implement strategies to help you and your colleagues reduce bias at key moments when managing and shaping processes and practices.

Olivia Hurbanová is the laureate of the Lecturer of the Year award. She focuses on the application of behavioral sciences in the field of business, communication and education. Olivia also utilizes knowledge from neurobiology and evolutionary biology. Olivia does not like stereotypes and especially the one in thought. She will explain to you why it is sometimes usefull to break the usual rules, question the authorities, the status quo or your rock-solid beliefs.

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Enhance your adaptability skills for workplace success

What does adaptability mean? Participants will learn about the scientific base for the ability of humans to adapt to new situations and what steps improve their adaptability at work. This will help them retain and grow their careers in the world of the digital, fast and unexpected. You get tips and tricks for habits, apps and routines that will boost your adaptability and personal productivity. If you want to grow and get ready for the future, this webinar is for you. 

Jiří Benedikt is a trainer of skills needed for the future, a strategist and a lecturer at the PwC's Academy. He worked for PwC for five years in the field of project management, focused on Lean management, and for 3 years as the general director of a successful startup. He focuses on design thinking, Lean Six Sigma methodology and digital skills. He is also a regular blogger and podcast host.


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Developing and maintaining a personal brand

An unusual, personal, practical, and inspiring workshop on philosophies and practicalities of building your personal brand all the way to the top. We will look at dynamics and paradoxes that are driving our behaviour. You will learn, how to adjust your communication style and manage expectations. There will be practical exercises on storytelling - how to define your archetype and develop your "mantra". 

Lazar Džamić teaches digital marketing at the University of Belgrade. In the past, he worked as a brand manager for the creative think tank Google ZOO and as a director for strategy in several creative agencies. As a member of the Serbian Prime Minister's Advisory Committee, he is involved in supporting the creative industries in Serbia. He is a regular speaker at global and regional conferences on digital marketing and brand storytelling.


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Date & Time:

15.7.2020 at 2.00 pm - How to manage bias in decision making (Olívia Hurbanová)
12.8.2020 at 2.00 pm - Enhance your adaptability skills for workplace success (Jiří Benedikt)
26.8.2020 at 2.00 pm - Developing and maintaining a personal brand (Lazar Džamić)
Language: English 
Duration: 3 hours (2 - 5 pm)
Price: 99 EUR + VAT 
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