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Helping organisations build the confidence they need in their systems, processes, internal controls and risk management procedures

Building and maintaining trust has never been more important amidst intensifying stakeholder scrutiny in these volatile times. Specialisation, offshoring, outsourcing and cost cutting are among the activities you will undertake as a business, which will increase your reliance on third parties for services, as you grow. A complex portfolio of relationships needs to work effectively to deliver on your commitments to your stakeholders.

Businesses face an increasing number of risks from many areas of operations. If poorly managed, any of these risks could destroy trust between a company and its stakeholders.

PwC’s Controls Assurance services offer a structured approach to helping our clients enhance their complex third party relationships across the contract lifecycle from set-up through delivery and renegotiation/exit. This approach will help manage their contract risks, both buy-side and sell-side, and improve the commercial outcomes of their relationships with third parties.

PwC’s Performance Assurance services offer an independent opinion on how a company is responding to these risks. From established services like ISAE 3402 controls reporting, to more innovative assurance offerings, our Performance Assurance services help you build trust in your systems and processes.

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