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Shaping our culture and how we treat each other

At PwC, we live by the following values:

  • Act with integrity

  • Make a difference

  • Care

  • Work together

  • Reimagine the possible

We understand that action speaks louder than words. That’s why throughout the year, we encourage the practice of ‘value sharing’ – short stories about how our people have demonstrated a specific value to achieve a goal – when they have the opportunity. This typically takes place at meetings, townhalls, or even during activities like ‘Lunch with a Stranger’.

PwC Professional

Transforming how we learn and develop: PwC Professional brought to life by My Growth Journey

'My Growth Journey' is our ecosystem to support our people's development as PwC Professionals. The image below outlines the five elements in 'My Growth Journey', alongside the roles of our people and the opportunities for learning. 

Since the launch, we have focused on embedding continuous learning and development into the way we work. For instance, we have:

  • Held 'My Growth Journey' workshops for all our people

  • Introduced a common language for in-the-moment feedback known as “Take-5”

  • Continued to emphasise the importance of conversations for development through Growth Conversations with Career Coaches

  • Started to embed learning as one of the factors in enhancing a team's experience, through a process known as Growth Teaming

As part of this journey of change, we also see that more is needed to provide assignments that challenge and help our people grow professionally, while helping them connect the dots between what they do and how they are rewarded and recognised. Ultimately, our vision is to move towards evaluating a person's progress and impact more holistically and efficiently.

Since introducing 'My Growth Journey' in 2016 with a focus on real-time development, we have seen an improvement in our Global People Survey results and Take-5 has become part of the firm's vernacular. 

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