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Malaysia has been on a steady journey towards greater digitalisation, but the pace of digital development needs to intensify if the country is to narrow the digital divide and remain globally competitive. Recognising this, the government launched MyDIGITAL on 19 February 2021, a national initiative aimed at transforming Malaysia into a digitally-driven, high-income nation and a regional leader in digital economy. Going hand-in-hand with the launch was the unveiling of the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint, which provides the framework to strengthen the foundations needed to accelerate digitalisation.   

The government rallied the public and private sectors to work together to achieve the objectives of the Blueprint, a call we answered through various avenues. First, we participated in the panel session at the launching ceremony of MyDIGITAL, where our Markets Leader Nurul A’in Abdul Latif moderated a discussion on how developing our digital economy can improve the Rakyat’s quality of life and what needs to be done to ensure inclusivity and sustainable growth.

To continue the dialogue, we then released a thought leadership called ‘Staying relevant to stay in business’. The purpose of the thought leadership was to help the business community align their strategies to the Blueprint, discussing the role of businesses in realising the vision of the Blueprint and the key areas that need to be prioritised for successful technology implementation. 

In addition, we released a thought leadership on Responsible AI where we shared how organisations can capitalise on the competitive advantages of AI to build stakeholder trust, on the back of the 1 July 2021 National 4IR Policy launch. The National 4IR Policy which  complements MyDIGITAL in driving the growth of the digital economy, highlights AI as one of the 5 foundational 4IR technologies in the 4IR Policy, together with a lens on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), which can deliver benefits to the rakyat and cater to the nation's socio-economic growth.

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