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Note: Last updated on 24 March 2021. 

I'm currently a student at University of Warwick. Can I form a group of 2 Malaysian students from the Malaysian campus and 2 students from the UK campus? All four of us will be based in Malaysia throughout the duration of the competition.
Yes, as long as the team members from the UK campus are Malaysians.

Who can join this challenge? 
Any undergraduate or diploma student currently studying in a university/college ('Higher Education Institution') in Malaysia, United Kingdom and Australia

  • Participants from the UK and Australian campuses must be Malaysians
  • Non-Malaysian students studying in Malaysian campuses are allowed to participate in the Challenge, however, each team should comprise at least two (2) Malaysian team members

How many people are allowed in a team?
There must be exactly four (4) members in a team. Team members can come from different universities/colleges and be studying different courses.

Do I have to pay to join the challenge?
No, the Challenge is free to join.

Can Finalists from the last Trust Builders Challenge enter?

What if the student will graduate between the submission date and the Finals? Can they still enter?
No. The student must remain an undergraduate or a diploma student studying in a Higher Education Institution throughout the period of the Challenge.

How do I submit my entry?
Submit your entry via our online form on the homepage from 16 February 2021 onwards.

What do I need to have ready before I submit?

  • The full name, contact number, email address, university, and course of study of each team member
  •  Answers to ALL of the questions
  •  You must also confirm that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of the Challenge

Where can I find the terms and conditions?
At the bottom of the Trust Builders webpage, or the terms and condition page.

When do submissions close?
The submission deadline is 17 March 2021.

Can I save my submission half way through, and come back to it?

Can I amend my submission once I have submitted?
Yes. You may edit your submission until 11:59PM MYT/GMT+8 on 17 March 2021.

How will I know if my submission has gone through?
You should see the last page of the form that says “Your response has been submitted!”

When will I know if our team is qualified for the Finals?
We will contact the Finalist teams by email on 24 March 2021. We will also announce the finalists on our social media platforms on the same day.

Can our team submit more than once?
No. Each team can only send in one (1) submission, and each participant can only be on one (1) team. 

Are there any limits to the number of students participating from a specific university or college?
No, there is not.

I have so many questions! Who can I contact?
Have you checked out the Challenge terms and conditions? If you have, and still can’t find the answer, please contact us at

How many teams will proceed to the Finals?
Ten (10) teams will proceed to the finals.

When will the finalists be announced?
Finalists will be announced on 24 March 2021.

When will the finals be? 
The finals will be held virtually on 30 April 2021. An invite link and further details will be sent directly to your email.

Who are this year’s mentors?
Please visit The Mentors page to find out more.

Will the finalist teams be assigned mentors, and how should we get in touch with them?
Yes, each finalist team will be assigned one (1) industry mentor and one (1) PwC mentor to guide them through the final stages of the challenge. 

Your mentors’ contact details will be provided to you over email. It is up to you and your team to initiate communication with your mentors. We recommend communicating with your mentors over email and scheduling calls online. However, please keep in mind that your mentors are also on their own schedules, so their time needs to be prioritised. 

Are there any limitations as to how much we will be allowed to use our mentors? 
No. However, we recommend that you schedule calls with your mentors at least twice before your video submission and day of the finals. 

Please also remember that the mentors are there to guide you, not to provide solutions!
We highly recommend using them as sounding boards for your ideas or requesting for them to ask you challenging questions. 

Can we meet up with our mentors in person? Will PwC reimburse our expenses? 
By all means, you are allowed to meet up with your mentors in person provided this is okay with them and you are abiding by COVID-19 government regulations. PwC will not reimburse your expenses.

Who are the judges for the finals?
Please visit The Judges page to find out more. 

One of our team members may not be able to make it to the finals day. What should we do?
We have timed all workshops and finals day to cater to all participants regardless if they’re based in Malaysia, the UK or Australia. If, however, your team member still can’t make it to the day of the finals, please email us at and we will try to resolve this together. Please note, however, that each team must have at least three (3) team members attending the Q&A session.

As we are gathering data from the public to validate our solutions, must we include this data inside the 7 slides allocated? Do we have a choice to include this data outside the 7 slides recommended?
We recommend using only 7 slides for your main presentation. You may include the data points in the appendix when you submit the slides to us.

Can we have an allowance of 3 extra slides for: cover slide, team member slide (without names and university identifiers per the requirement) and thank you slide (at the end)? 
Yes, you may.

Video submissions

How long should our video submission be? 
Your video must not exceed 7 minutes long. Content past the 7-minute mark will not be reviewed by the judges. 

Where can we find the exact guidelines for video submissions and the finals? 
Please find Guidelines for the finals and video submission here. This will also be shared with finalist teams via email.

Are there any specific requirements on the creative direction of the final video submission?
No. However, do read the section on ‘Delivering your presentation’ in the Guidelines and make sure your team adheres to the suggested delivery formats.

How do we submit our videos?
Finalist teams will need to upload their video on Youtube. Make sure your video is set to “Unlisted” and comments are disabled. Please read the Guidelines here for further guidance. Instructions on how to submit your video will also be provided in the Day 2 workshop.

Are we allowed to publish our videos on other social media platforms? 

Are we allowed to change/alter our video after we have completed the submission process?
Yes, you can reupload your video as long as you do so before by 11.59PM MYT, 21 April 2021. Just be sure to notify us so that we are aware.

What does 'validate your solution by gathering viewpoints from the public' mean?
So, you’ve come up with a great solution on how your team would rebuild trust amongst your company’s customers. But how do you know it’s great? You need to substantiate your idea by asking people if it would work with them. Survey or focus group? Qualitative or quantitative?  You decide – but you’ll need to impress the judges with what you’ve found, and how you found it.


What are the prizes up for grab this year?
Please check out the full list of prizes here.

Will I be allowed to exchange my prize for cash?

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