Terms and conditions

Note: Last updated on 22 February 2021. 

These terms and conditions (‘T&C’ or ‘Terms’) govern your participation in PwC Trust Builders Challenge 2021 (‘Challenge’). Please read them carefully.

Participation and conditions of entry

1. Team requirements: 

  • Must have four (4) people 
  • Members must be undergraduate or diploma students currently studying in a university/college in Malaysia, UK or Australia
    • Participants from the UK and Australian campuses must be Malaysians 
    • Non-Malaysians studying in Malaysian campuses are allowed to participate in the Challenge, however, each team should comprise at least two (2) Malaysian team members
  • Members must remain an undergraduate or a diploma student throughout the course of the Challenge 
  • Members can come from different universities/colleges and study different courses 
  • Cross-country teams are allowed, as long as members meet all the requirements above 

2. No participation fee is required 

3. All deliverables must be in English 

4. Submissions must be completed via our online submission form 

5. Each participant can only be in one (1) team

6. Each team can only send in one (1) submission

7. There are two sections in the submission process:



Max. word count



Explain how the scenario affects Full Meal’s business

200 words



Outline how you would rebuild trust with these three stakeholder groups: Invest Co, customers and employees.

300 words for each stakeholder group


8. The finalists will be announced on 24 March 2021. Next steps will be announced hereafter

9. Finalist teams will present their case in the form of a video submission to be evaluated by our panel of judges. Videos should be sent in no later than 21 April, 2021

10. This competition is not open to those who will commence employment from 12 April 2021


As an individual participating in PwC Trust Builders Challenge 2021, I agree to the following:

  1. All ideas and materials submitted must be the participants’ own work. Any kind of plagiarism and/or use of reference material(s) without citing sources is strictly prohibited and will lead to either a penalty or disqualification at the organiser's discretion.
  2. I understand and agree that all Challenge guidelines must be followed in order to qualify.
  3. Finalist teams will be subject to a separate ‘Authorise & Release’ agreement, as participants and materials produced for the Challenge in any form may be reused as promotional content.
  4. Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for money.   
  5. The decisions of the judges are final.   
  6. I am of lawful age and of sound mind, and have read and understood these Terms and Conditions.
  7. The personal information that I am required to provide for the submission is accurate and valid.

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