Sustainability Strategy

For many companies, the most challenging aspect of the sustainable development agenda is incorporating sustainability into their short, medium and long-term strategic plans. Even those who have successfully incorporated sustainability into their strategic plans have thus far focused primarily on managing risk rather than considering how their response to sustainable development issues might help them create greater value.

By combining our knowledge of sustainable development issues with PwC’s core business strategy, modelling and valuation expertise, we help our clients understand and evaluate the strategic sustainability issues relevant to their businesses. In doing so, we enable them to develop and implement business strategies that make sustainable development issues a core component.

Our services include:
  • Assessments of a company's unique, sustainability-related risks and opportunities
  • Preparation of a business case and related strategic options
  • Market analyses and assessments of public sector incentives to determine the viability of proposed strategies
  • Competitor analysis
  • Strategy development and implementation plan design
  • Senior management and board-level workshops and learning programmes
  • Sourcing and supply chain strategies
  • Development of progress measurement systems
  • Communication strategy design

Sustainability Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted in 2015 by the 193 United Nations (UN) member states. There are 17 goals that address economic, environmental and social impacts, and are designed to form a blueprint for good growth, nationally and internationally, by 2030.

Why should business be focusing on sustainable business practices?
  • Increased government focus on sustainable business
  • Sustainable business practices improve performance
  • Broad range of wider business benefits


Sustainability Development Goals - graph

Supporting you on the SDG journey


  • Supporting you on the SDG journey
  • Background research and comprehensive guide
  • High-level analysis using the SDG Selector

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  • Using the Global Goals Business Navigator to understand which SDGs are relevant to your business and which SDGs to tackle first

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Strategy and implementation

  • Defining an approach and engaging internally to align business activity and practice to the SDGs

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SDG strategy analytics

  • Measuring impact and performance against the SDGs using the Total Impact Measurement and Management framework
  • Aligning reporting to the SDGs and sharing progress with stakeholders

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