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Helping our clients be successful today and in the future: My journey to becoming a consultant

January 20, 2021

Anne-Frédérique Ouellet is a Senior Associate in Management Consulting at PwC Canada and part of the Workforce of the Future team in Montreal. Her curiosity and open-mindedness has led her to work on client projects in multiple industries and enabled her to be part of important strategic decisions. As a result, Anne-Frédérique has built a dynamic, fast-paced and stimulating career for herself at PwC.

Anne-Frédérique Ouellet

Finding the right fit 

I graduated from McGill University in December 2017 where I studied management with a major in organizational behavior and human resources. I did an internship during University in talent acquisition and change management at a real estate firm where I developed a curiosity and an interest for organizational design and transformation. I enjoyed learning about different business models and structures in a broad range of industries, which led me to apply to Foundations for the Future (FFTF), a two-year program focused on training young professionals for a career in management consulting. I started my journey as a consultant in a rotational program to learn more about the different practices. After being involved in many exciting projects with the workforce of the future team I found the right fit for myself and decided to continue my journey with this team at PwC Canada.

The importance of coaching and giving back 

When I started my journey as an Associate in the FFTF program, I immediately loved the formal and informal coaching support that was provided to me. The program kicked off with two weeks of intensive training and the most memorable activity was a case study, in which we did real-life, face-to-face interviews with clients. Then we got the chance to present our case in front of a panel of partners and receive immediate feedback. Throughout the training I received constructive feedback and advice from colleagues in all seniority levels, preparing me for work I would be later tasked with.

The ability to get involved and make a difference is really important to me, not only for my clients but also within PwC. I’ve always enjoyed participating in different social and philanthropic initiatives and activities. Therefore, I decided to join the women's inclusion network committee (ProfessionnELLE) to develop my network and to help other young professional women grow, discover consulting and be part of a larger community. Being a part of the committee has allowed me to develop my leadership skills. I organize different events, like seminars and panels, with the objective of giving young professional women from both PwC and our business contacts the opportunity to discuss subjects of interest and grow their network. We’ve highlighted topics like women in entrepreneurship, unconscious biases at the workplace, tips and tricks to effectively manage personal finances and many more.

A dynamic, fast-paced and stimulating work environment

The main focus of the Workforce of the Future team is organizational design and transformation. I get to work on multiple client projects in different industries which makes my work environment dynamic, fast-paced and stimulating. I’ve learned so much since I started in terms of industry dynamics, trends, structure and business functions. Over the last two years, I’ve advised organizations on defining and implementing business strategy, best practices, designing operating models and supporting organizational transformation. The main industries I’ve covered so far are financial services, real estate, retail, consumer markets and telecommunications. 

I'm especially proud of how my team was able to mobilize quickly when the pandemic forced organizations across the country to close. Since March we were able to help our clients quickly pivot and adapt to new ways of working which ultimately provided great value. We continue to work with them in a virtual but innovative and constructive environment. 

My favorite part of working on the Workforce of the Future team is definitely the people. Being surrounded by brilliant people with diverse backgrounds and experiences has given me the opportunity to be challenged and grow. I appreciate the culture of collaboration and teamwork which is deeply rooted in PwC’s Montreal office. Our objective is clear: add value and deliver the best quality work to our clients. However, I think we’re great at making it fun and dynamic; creating an environment where you can step out of your comfort zone and think outside the box.

Creating value for our clients through upskilling

At PwC you own your own career, and part of this is taking advantage of the many opportunities to upskill. I’ve had the chance to participate in two training sessions to get my Scaled Agile certification as well as my Scrum Master certification. I’ve become one of the champions within my team for Agile adoption in the workplace. Through upskilling, I’m able to stay relevant and provide insights for clients interested in adopting the Agile methodology. I help enable organizations to master continuous change and resiliency in a world that’s increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

We’re lucky to have access to many useful tools, technologies and resources that help us create value for our clients and be more effective in what we do. For one of my client projects, we did an intense field survey analysis with a lot of quantitative and qualitative data. To make it visual and comprehensive, we decided to summarize and present the results using PowerBI, a data visualization tool. We structured the data in an interactive way to answer all of our clients’ questions in real time. The client’s expectations were exceeded and they were impressed with our work which led to future opportunities.

You’re the owner of your future

My advice is to be curious and open-minded; every opportunity is a learning experience and you’ll get something out of it no matter what. You’re the owner of your future; create your own career path and be accountable for what you do. Be humble; it’s normal if you don’t understand something or don’t have the right answer. Ask questions and always understand why you’re doing something and what the value is behind it.