Benchmarking, Diagnostics and Surveys

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The finance function’s improvement path starts with a benchmarking and rapid assessment

Using a structured and fact-based approach to assess your performance against leading practices or other comparable organizations provides a strong platform to pinpoint the possibility for improvement and also develop the case for change.

Our professionals leverage our proprietary benchmarking, tools and surveys to help strengthen your finance assessment and visioning exercise. We can also tap in to our vast network of PwC global counterparts when needed.


PwC has developed various assessment tools to perform various types of diagnostics, depending on your needs. These tools and methods enable our professionals to efficiently and effectively perform their assessments while reducing our intervention costs.

Finance function effectiveness diagnostic tools: Using these tools, we will conduct a rapid and qualitative assessment, providing a 360º-degree view of your finance function. This diagnostic covers several areas of the finance function, from transactional processing such as accounts payables to more strategic areas such as risk management and tax. Our clients can decide on assessing the complete finance function or focus on select areas.

Voice of the customer survey: You can improve your finance function by obtaining a perspective on your performance from your internal customers and stakeholders. Our professionals are regularly conducting voice of the customer surveys on your behalf. This becomes a critical ingredient in assessing your performance and understanding your organizational priorities and how your finance function can provide more value to the business.


Benchmarking is the continual process of comparing your operations with leading practices or another group's performance. Through benchmarking, you can identify strengths as well as uncover gaps. With comparative results from real companies, you can learn who is performing a process faster, better or cheaper — and readily recognize opportunities for improvement.

PwC teams in our member firms globally use our benchmarking tools to collect data and help clients compare their performance to others.

The Global Best Practices knowledge base offers a number of quantitative benchmarking tools to help you analyze your process performance. The Global Best Practices knowledge base is also rich in a multitude of qualitative benchmarking tools to fast forward the analysis of your company against leading practices.

PwC can also conduct a custom benchmarking exercise if your situation requires it. Contact our professionals for more details.