Program and Project Services

Critical program delivery - Managing complexity, delivering success

Programs are complex. They are often innovative - in what they are aiming to achieve and/or in the solutions that are put in place to deliver them. They involve multiple stakeholders. And in today’s challenging economic environment you not only need to do them with less resources, but also demonstrate to stakeholders that the significant funds committed to them will deliver value for money.

These potentially overwhelming challenges put significant stress and strain on an organization’s capability and capacity to deliver.

How PwC can help

Addressing these issues is at the heart of what PwC does. We have tools and techniques developed from years of experience delivering projects and programs of all sizes across the world. We help you to focus on the projects and programs that matter to achieve your strategy, and strengthen your chances of success right the way through a program.

Our global reputation and proven track record show that PwC is the delivery partner who you can trust to achieve sustainable change.

To support you in this challenging environment, we can help you with:

  • Program and portfolio management: We help you achieve your business objectives by helping you to design a prioritized portfolio of projects and a roadmap for their execution.
  • Program governance/capability coaching: We help you accelerate the setup of a Program Management Office/Project Control Office in a controlled and pragmatic manner and structure your initiative for success. We also coach and train teams through the transfer of leading program/project management practices to enhance capability of executing future projects.
  • PMO execution: For complex projects, we can act as the program manager and provide project leadership to ensure strategic initiatives achieve the intended benefits on time and within budget.
  • Project recovery/remediation: We can help develop a “get well” strategy for troubled projects and identify alternative project approaches and strategies to achieve the targeted benefits.
  • Project and program risk reviews/maturity assessments: We provide point-in-time, or continuous, program/project risk assessments to determine if a program/project is ready to start, proceeding as planned, achieving expected features and benefits, or ready to go live.

Contact us and find out how we can help you coordinate your projects and align them with your overall business goals.