Innovation - Do you want to lead or to be led?

Innovation is a necessity and an opportunity at the same time. We will help you discover your innovation potential and make the first step towards an innovative culture.

Key questions to ask:

  • What is on your leadership agenda?
  • Is innovation on your radar? Are your competitors doing it?
  • If so, what impact is it having? If not, does this present an opportunity for you?
  • What is happening in your business that you might describe as innovation?
  • How do you currently discover, filter and advance your good ideas? What does your process look like?
  • How satisfied are you with your company’s use of metrics to evaluate your innovation portfolio?

Does any of the following describe your organization?

  • Costs are growing faster than revenues
  • Company is underperforming  relative to its competitors
  • Innovation strategy does not link to growth objectives
  • Recent products have failed to deliver expected margin improvements
  • Client does not adapt well or keep pace with changing customer demand
  • Inability to harness the power of social media and mobile devices
  • Rigid organisation structure that stifles innovation

How clients benefit from our work:

PwC’s Innovation Lifecycle Management Framework enables leaders to modify organizational culture to instil innovation into the DNA of employees. We help identify gaps between current structures and leading innovation practices to create the processes and culture that enables spontaneous innovations to emerge.

Successful growth strategies are based upon commercialising incremental, substantial and radical innovations that deliver new sources of value. We help leaders identify and measure market failure and pain points that need to be addressed by innovating. We then help to design and develop innovations with compelling value propositions and quantify their potential short-term and long-term benefits to the organisation and its stakeholders.

We help clients decrease the learning cycle time and increase the number of successes with lower cost per innovation. We do this by helping leaders apply Innovation Discipline to their strategies so that they reduce costs, improve operations and achieve their growth goals in a lean, tax-efficient manner.

The focus on innovation will improve an organisation’s people experience and therefore improve retention of talent. Because our focus is around the empowerment of the workforce as the innovation engine, this is not about structural change but rather recognising talent in an innovation-led culture.

Our approach enables fast, frequent, frugal failure to accelerate the commercialisation of innovation and thereby reduces the risks of investing resources in strategies that are merely novel rather than genuinely innovative.

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