Dates and Fees


Preparatory courses for individual FIA qualifications are usually organised for closed groups from the same company, and are tailored to the employer’s requirements. Should you wish to take any FIA course individually, please check our kalendar for dates of open courses.

Exam fees

Module   Fee (EUR)*
FA1 Recording Financial Transaction 65,00
MA1 Management Information 65,00
FA2 Maintaining Financial Records 65,00
MA2 Managing Costs and Finances 65,00
FAB (F1) Accountant in Business 85,00
FMA (F2) Management Accounting 85,00
FFA (F3) Financial Accounting 85,00
ACCA Registration/Annual fee 115,00/125,00

*The above exam fees are valid for the Academy students who take a part at the preparatory course. For those who wish to take CBE exam only will be charged 30 EUR extra administration costs.

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