The Case Maker™ for Finance Professionals

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One of the most critical skills a finance professional needs is the ability to persuade their audience, whether they are internal or external clients. With The Case Maker™, technically excellent finance professionals can build a strong and impactful case to get the buy-in of key decision-makers and stakeholders with great success. Based on tightly structured logical thinking and a communication flow customised to one’s audience, crucial proposals and decisions get a collective and resounding “Yes!”

Whether you are presenting business cases to raise investment, to show the strength of the company, to propose a strategy or to manage mergers and acquisitions, The Case Maker ™ enables finance professionals to build and present their case logically and easily, without compromising the persuasiveness and credibility of the presentation.

The Case Maker™ was specially designed for finance professionals who have to communicate financial facts and figures. It was part of a curriculum of a massive finance transformation project at a global bank and has given the workshop global recognition.

What Participants Learn

  • Presentation, Audience & Data Analyses
  • The Yellow Circuit™ - Testing the ‘big picture’ flow of the case
  • Structuring Arguments with Logical Patterns
  • Structure the Presenting Flow (Presentation)
  • Visualising Data – Using Tables & Charts Effectively

Why The Case Maker™?

By the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Make tight and convincing arguments. Be able to build and strengthen their arguments with appropriate logical patterns for key rationale and support points
  • Analyse topics in <5mins, using a simple ‘Yellow Circuit™’. This circuit helps participants analyse the situation and the message from the perspective of the target audience/decision maker; creating frames from which their arguments can be structured. By using this circuit to analyse their cases, participants will be ready to make their cases even if they only have a short time to prepare
  • Conceptualise and structure ideas using multiple logical patterns. Logically, concisely and impactfully using The Case Maker™ Template (board and software)
  • Be more fluent in articulating their ideas persuasively. Such fluency requires some depth of expertise in their own domain, Finance, as well as familiarity with language patterns through which to articulate their thoughts.

The Goal for finance professionals: to make this transition efficiently and painlessly.

A business case can be made in various communication contexts, in formal presentations, around a table or whilst having a coffee – to make a proposal, challenging a stand, getting approvals. It is about MAKING A CASE.


Date & Time
25 to 26 March 2013
9am to 5pm

Fees per person * 
S$845 - Clients/Alumni of PricewaterhouseCoopers
S$915 - Public

Fee includes 7% GST, lunch, refreshments and seminar kit

More information about the seminar, including registration details, is available in the flyer > Download