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Transforming business around a reimagined customer experience

Leading companies are prioritising customer-led growth

Companies that are winning today are the ones that align and build their core capabilities to exceed customer expectations. Customers' expectations of experiences are evolving at an unprecedented rate, with technology being both a trigger and a catalyst.

What does this mean for companies? Customer insights – both behavioural and transactional. Ethnographic research. Big data and artificial intelligence. Product and service strategy. Personalised omni-channel experiences across the customer journey. Partnership ecosystems. Digital marketing and more. Businesses need to be adaptable, putting their customers at the centre of business transformation.

We partner with our clients to accelerate customer-led growth and deliver tangible business impact. Our journey-led approach allows us to build fit-for-purpose solutions, which transform business around a reimagined customer experience.

How we can help you

Customer and experience strategy

Companies must strike the right balance between generating value for the customer and value for the business. To do that, we help clients evaluate their overall customer landscape, determine which segments they should focus on and then consistently engage with those customers in every interaction across the end-to-end journey, including products, services, solutions and brand messaging.

This drives change and supports the transformation of organisations from a functional operating model to a journey-led one.

We can help you with:

  • Customer growth strategy
  • Customer segmentation and personas
  • Experience journey and design
  • Value proposition development
  • Digital customer insights and analytics
  • Return on Experience

Marketing and sales

In the age of experience, we help clients take advantage of the most important digital trends and tools to integrate strategy, customer insight and analytics, experience design and technology. We strive for marketing and sales excellence that enables innovation, supports “always on” customer engagement and go-to market strategies and drives the bottom line.

We can help you with:

  • Marketing strategy and operating model
  • Portfolio and brand management 
  • Sales force strategy and effectiveness
  • Channel and RTM strategy
  • Sales organisation design and alignment
  • Digital marketing and commerce strategy

Service and engagement

Information is everywhere - experiences are integrated across channels and individuals expect immediate and personalised interactions. As these dramatic social and technological realities creates new expectations for companies, we partner with clients to help them transform their digital and physical services so that they can thrive in this fast-changing market with the right strategies and organisational approach.

We can help you with:

  • Service strategy and revenue growth
  • Omnichannel experience
  • Contact centre optimisation
  • Customer management
  • Field service
  • Loyalty transformation

Pricing and profitability

Achieving superior margins and pricing requires capabilities that blend managerial experience with quantitative insights. Companies need a holistic pricing strategy that starts from the end-user, leveraging a growing number of data sources to reflect the value delivered and received by channel partners. We work with clients to build pricing that supports profitable growth and optimises value capture.

We can help you with:

  • Pricing and revenue model strategy
  • Customer portfolio profitability and optimisation
  • Trade promotion, rebate and discount effectiveness

Customer analytics

We bring together advanced quantitative and qualitative research techniques to provide a holistic view of and insights into customers.

From market, sales and service analytics, to consumer insights, analytics driven segmentation, the voice of customer and leveraging on internal and external ecosystem data- we help to visualise data in logical ways. This enables real-time decision-making and further defines customer value e.g. through Customer Lifetime Value.

We can help you with:

  • Consumer insight
  • Marketing analytics
  • Sales analytics
  • Big data and digital analytics

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ROX is the new ROI

PwC’s 10th annual Global Consumer Insights Survey (GCIS) — which gathers the sentiments of more than 21,000 online consumers in 27 territories — shows that in addition to the traditional return on investment (ROI) metrics used to define success, we need to introduce another metric- one with a laser focus on customer experience: return on experience.

Measuring ROX helps companies to understand the return they’re getting on investments into parts of the business that customers directly interact with. As the video illustrates, there are prerequisites that go into making a great customer experience.

Read more about how you can improve your ROX

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Return on Experience (From ROI to ROX)

Delivering a strong customer experience has tremendous benefits for those that can get it right: the potential to enhance reputation, improve quality and outcomes and gain market share. How can you shape exceptional experiences for greater satisfaction, loyalty, health outcomes, and growth?

Working together with you

A large South East Asian enterprise has an aspiration to provide a world class experience for its customers. There was a clear need to design one future state “North Star” CX consistent across multiple markets and product lines, building in innovative solutions and taking from best practice examples across industries.


PwC worked with the enterprise at a group and market level, to reimagine 'the art of the possible', leveraging cross-industry global research and our experience. We helped 50+ functional stakeholders and ecosystem partners co-create innovative solutions using human-centered design thinking methodologies at PwC's Experience Centre in Singapore. The future state experience was a unique, non-linear end-to-end customer journey seamlessly integrated with an ecosystem of partners.

Further, country-level CX assessments helped develop tangible service delivery blueprints with clearly defined business and technology initiatives and KPIs. This resulted in a roadmap of recommendations to execute at scale across multiple markets.


Provided the client with a clear vision of their future state customer journey, with specific outcomes and a roadmap to achieve it in a defined time frame. This would result in a significant customer experience impact and topline growth.

An Asian B2B enterprise had ambitions to further its reach worldwide and identified an opportunity to obtain a digital wholesale banking licence. With this, it aimed to support its existing networks and businesses across multiple industries and grow market presence in the APAC region.

While the enterprise had the ambition for the license, the client needed support to shape its business strategy, define a differentiated value proposition and offerings and translate the vision into a highly competitive market positioning. It also is a convener of a large B2B ecosystem and needed to leverage the strength of its consortium and partnerships.


PwC was brought in to lead the strategy definition and application development. A multi-disciplinary team including strategy, technology, risk management and compliance was set up to complete the digital banking application. We understood the power of leveraging the existing customer base on the client’s multiple platforms and partner ecosystem to define target segments and develop a clear customer value proposition. From strategy to execution, we helped identify differentiated product, service and channel offerings, digital business model and a business case with detailed growth plans, financial forecasts and enabling capabilities while ensuring legal and regulatory compliance.


Focusing on underserved customer segments, the digital bank would enable Singapore SME’s to gain access to finance and support their business growth. MAS is to announce the digital banking application results in the latter half of 2020.

A rapidly-growing Asian insurer established a new Customer Experience (CX) vision, setting ambitious targets to accelerate growth by enhancing CX through innovative digital solutions. The group office led a multi-market exercise in the APAC region to implement Closed Loop Feedback to measure CX and address issues in real-time.


PwC helped the insurer leverage best practices for a future state CX across the end to end journey, identifying critical interactions and touchpoints. These were mapped to existing CX drivers and operational metrics before being translated into a cross-market leading edge feedback gathering mechanism based on best practice and stakeholder insights. The feedback was then translated into business reporting dashboards on the Voice of Customer (VoC) platforms and formed a new way of measuring and transforming customer experience.


Identified priority interactions with the highest impact on customers across the end-to-end experience and re-designed for the Voice of Customer programme. This program was piloted through a VoC technology platform across multiple markets and translated into an organization-wide CX measurement mechanism.

A large, AsiaPac organisation aspired to be the leader in achieving transformed customer experience over the next two years. Having invested in Customer Experience (CX) over the years, the insurer wanted to quantify their returns to experience through a robust measurement model.


PwC’s Customer Strategy, Actuarial and Data & Analytics teams jointly worked with the client to develop a conceptual measurement framework. This was done through hypothesizing relationships among customer metric(s), financial returns underlying operational drivers as well CX investments and activities.

Further, we worked collaboratively with the client’s Data & Analytics team to validate the theoretical relationships to ensure feasibility at an early onset.


Provided our client with a conceptual measurement framework that can be readily translated into a model to enable the quantification of their investments into CX.

A global bank was looking to transform the way they engage with their customers and to find innovative ways to attract new customers, cross-sell and retain existing customers. They were operating on legacy systems that were inflexible and challenging for marketers to use. They knew that something needed to change to move the dial on their ongoing operating model.


PwC ran a large-scale engagement whereby we assessed the current business and technical landscape and compared it to best in class reference architectures across data and analytics, martech, and a core banking platform. This identified an extensive list of process and system recommendations that were anchored to macro omnichannel customer journeys developed by the team. In addition, the client was given a detailed immediate and future focused implementation roadmap, and our recommendations formed the basis of subsequent technology transformations.


Provided our client with a strategic vision, technology stack, transformational implementation plan and customer centric omni-channel customer journeys.

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