People analytics and insights

Unlock the power of your workforce through data

The power of data-led insight is transforming the way organisations make better decisions and harness the power of their people. Better data is pivotal to today’s strategic workforce planning, productivity, talent management, employee engagement and retention, performance management, agility, and mobility decisions. By using people analytics, organisations can cut through the noise and get a clear picture of what’s working and what isn’t. It takes the guesswork out of your most important workforce decisions, ensuring that you better manage people risk, match employees more smartly to jobs and are more efficient and cost-effective.

50% of CEOs say their organisations currently use data analytics to find and keep the right people

Do you have concerns with rising attrition rates? Can you identify the issue, or predict resignations? Do you understand how to effectively deploy your people budget? Do you have poor quality data held on disparate HR systems? Or do you want to develop a people analytics capability in your HR function?

How we can help

Our experienced team includes PhD-level industrial and organisational psychologists, statisticians, and workforce research practitioners that offer a broad range of services to help organisations make the most of their people data, including:

  • Saratoga Impact - the free-to-use benchmarking tool
  • Talent analytics and predictive services
  • Comprehensive workforce surveying
  • Talent modelling and measurement
  • Workforce analytics and strategic reporting
  • Helping you build an internal people analytics function

We help you realise your workforce potential by using the power of data-led insight to make the most of your people and deliver more value to your business. We help you to achieve three things:

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