Data and Analytics

Data is a vast and growing asset that many businesses are challenged to transform into a powerful strategic tool.

How do you make sense of the data and unlock its potential to reveal hidden value and new opportunities? Can you trust your data? How do you embed the power of data-driven insights across your organisation to make smarter moves?

The answer: transform the way your organisation uses data.

Our Data & Analytics capabilities help executives make their decision-making capabilities faster and more sophisticated. Businesses can create competitive advantage by harnessing the power of data and analytics. We work with clients to strike the right balance between mind and machine to leverage data, understand risk, and gain a competitive edge. 

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How Data & Analytics can bring value to you

Effective analytics starts with trusted data

You’re using your data to drive decisions, business strategy and digital innovation, so there’s no room for error.

To achieve great insights, you need a strong data foundation. You know what data you have, where it is available, that it is maintained and up-to-date and can be trusted by stakeholders both internally and externally.

Trusted data begins with solid data governance. It has to be well-organised, relevant, accurate, and understandable.

How we can help

Data landscape

Data is everywhere. A wider variety of data (both structured and unstructured) is being utilized by businesses than ever before and the volume of data generated, stored and consumed is rapidly growing.

You’ll want to use a variety of data to help you make smarter commercial decisions. But do you know what data you have? And where it’s stored? Can you be sure of its provenance? Was it accurate in the first place? As new systems come online, is your data being transferred accurately? Can you adequately protect your data?

We can help you understand, gather, review and model the data you need to create sustainable business value and utilizing the most appropriate technology. Our data specialists continue the PwC heritage of audit and assurance, which has taught us how to build strong businesses on trusted data.


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Data strategy

Unlocking the power of data and analytics starts with a clear understanding of what strategic goals you want to achieve, and how to build a successful intelligent organisation.

This is business strategy. So you need a partner who understands business combined with the experience in how data and analytics can be central achieving the business’s strategic goals.

For more than a century, we’ve helped clients build trust in the foundations of their business, and solve the important problems they face. We’ll bring that heritage of assurance, attention to detail and big-picture commercial insight to help you define how your organization can take advantage of its data and available technology to become more data-driven and enable a wider digital agenda.


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Data governance

Data governance builds trust and confidence. Managing the risk in data is essential, but great data governance goes far beyond this. And it’s very rarely built on a one-size-fits-all model.

Great data governance recognises the context in which you operate, and acknowledges that data priorities can change to reflect strategic and operational ones. It fits into your existing structure and processes, so that it’s easier to adopt the right behaviours around data management. And it recognises that not all data is equal - and that data management should be prioritised, so the most important data gets the attention it deserves.

We’ll help you make great governance ‘the way things are done’, so you can build confidence throughout your organization and with relevant external stakeholders.


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Data quality

Many data analytics and reporting projects fail due to organisations finding out that the benefits realised are severely diminished due to poor data quality. Fixing data quality issues can be time-consuming and costly so understanding what data is critical to your business and analytics needs is an important first step to focus efforts and get maximum return.

Our heritage of audit and assurance has taught us how to build strong businesses on trusted data. We can help you identify your critical data and effectively manage data quality at an appropriate level for your business. For major data quality issues, we can support you in understanding the problem and developing fixes to the root cause, data remediation and ongoing controls to maintain a consistently high level of data quality.


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Data architecture

Building data lakes. Creating data warehouses. Adopting big data technologies. And plugging it all into an organisation to actually do something useful… Businesses today are looking for next-generation architectures to deal with diverse data assets, speed up data processing and analytics, and drive innovation and lower costs.

We’ll help you consider and set up the best ways to store and govern your data, share it across the enterprise and with multiple systems, and help your people and systems consume and process it.


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build your foundation

Turn your data into a superpower

So you have the right data architecture and can rely on your data quality. Now what do you do with it? That’s where predictive analytics comes in. It uses your data to give you the potential to act - not react. Use risk analytics to spot issues before it happens.

It’s helpful to know what happened in the past and at times you will want to understand causal factors for events that have already happened. But it’s much more powerful to know what will happen in the future and how you can influence it.

Gather customer insights to know how many people you need on the shop floor, weeks in advance. Predict and optimise deals through mergers and acquisition data. Filter the signal from the noise and look ahead with confidence. We’ll show you how it all works, every step of the way.

How we can help

Discovery and descriptive analytics

So much data. So little time. How do you get the facts you need to run your business, fast, with minimal effort?

Data discovery does just this. It helps you quickly and easily discover outliers and detect patterns in your business. We’ll start by gathering and consolidating data from a number of sources across the organisation. Then we’ll help manipulate and visualise the data, and apply advanced analytics, so that you can spot trends or anomalies - and make better-informed decisions.


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Compelling visualisations bring data to life. The brain is faster and more efficient at processing graphical representation of data. So visualisations can quickly help to identify trends, spot outliers and expose poor data quality.

Not only can we work with clients to help them make decisions, but we can make visualisation a business tool that everybody uses. Through maps, charts and simulations, they can trial ideas, test scenarios and see the impact of their decisions. Every day. All across their business.


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Investigative analytics

In a crisis, data can be crucial. Businesses might be investigated for anti-corruption violations. Or need defend themselves in disputes or cases of fraud. Or respond when regulators ask them to look back at years of transactions.

We’re ready to help. Our forensics investigations teams use advanced analytics to identify, collect and analyse vast amounts of data. The technology and procedures we use are defensible in court. And, because we work with lawyers and regulators around the world, we can anticipate the kinds of things they’ll be looking for.

We’ll help find the answers you need, in a way that’s easy to understand. So you have clarity and confidence.


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Predictive and behavioural modelling

If you’ve got the right data, and enough of it, you can predict the likely outcome of any given situation.

From using advanced analytics to identify the optimal locations for a client’s physical branches to using big data and predictive analytics to estimate when an aircraft is most likely to be grounded for maintenance - and model how people’s behaviour will change as a reaction. We’ve helped retailers combine insight from their store footprints, logistics and customer behaviour to accurately plan staffing levels, weeks in advance.


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Thanks to data and analytics, you can turn a theoretical situation into a dress rehearsal.

We use technology including virtual studios, gamification and other computer-generated simulations to help our clients answer the question: what if?

We can take advanced analysis and modelling, and apply it to a real-world world scenarios, so you can trial your response. See the effects of shutting down a transport network. Test how prepared you are to react to a systems outage. Simulate what would happen in the face of a major catastrophe.

So you’re ready and prepared when the real thing happens.


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Process mining and intelligence

Many business understand their business processes from the flow-charts that state how the process should be performed. In reality, very few processes are ever completed following the exact steps created when the process was designed.  What if key control steps are being skipped? What if bottlenecks occur due to inefficient procedures? What if different teams are performing the same process in different ways?  The result can impact customer experience, operational efficiency and business risk.

We can use digital analysis of your business processes to mine the data that underpins them and help you understand what is really happening both the process being followed and how individual events flow through the process over time. From there we can help you improve your processes or even help you set-up a control room to provide an enduring monitoring capability.


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Do what you do today. Even better

Every area in every business - from finance and operations, to overall technology innovation - can be improved through smart use of data and analytics.

The outcomes for the business are the most important thing – be it enabling a better customer experience, more efficient and leaner finance or operations or enabling the launch of a new service or product.

For more than a century, we’ve been helping clients solve the important business challenges they face. Today, we do it all with the power of data and analytics.

How we can help

Insight-led decisioning

You have more access to more data about your customers and business than ever before. But how can it help you?

We can help you get greater insight through listening to social media conversations, taking advantage of mobile devices as sensing platforms, and mining the details from CRM systems. By understanding how your customers behave and what they think of you, you can do things like:

Make better decisions about how to serve customers

  • Optimise your pricing models
  • Plan effective social media monitoring
  • Improve product adoption in new and existing markets

Together, we’ll use analytics to gain meaning from various sources of customer data.


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Finance effectiveness

Finance functions are transforming, improving business results by investing in commercial insight, spending less time on transactional work and running at lower costs. The best performers spend 20% more time on analysis (rather than data gathering) and run at 36% lower cost. 

Data and analytics is fuelling this change. Advances through the cloud, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation, if properly applied, can free up time for finance to create and deliver value across the organisation.


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Operational efficiency

Two thirds of businesses plan to cut costs over the next 12 months. But less than 30% of programmes hit their targets. And less than a fifth demonstrate sustained benefits over three years.

We work with clients to take cost out of their businesses - and make it sustainable, without hurting customer experience or the ability to innovate and grow.

We can help you:

  • Use data to find the potential to tighten up processes, reduce errors, and cut external spending.
  • Use analytics to highlight patterns that show wasteful or inefficient processes.
  • Make change stick, by delivering data and performance measures to the right people at the right time - and set up the incentives for people to act on it.


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Risk and compliance effectiveness

Risk and Compliance teams tell us that meeting regulatory obligations and keeping up with regulatory changes continues to be a major challenge. They also say they lack confidence in the metrics they report and don’t have controlled access to key data to help manage risks.

Executives tell us that their systems can’t process large volumes of data from different sources. This can mean that too much data overwhelms internal controls - which creates operational, financial, and reputational risks.

With pressure on regulators and management to identify new risks earlier and take more effective action, our teams can help:

  • Improve data management, and create detailed audit trails, more efficient case management, and more accurate reporting.
  • Identify operational efficiencies, cut manual testing, and find potential cost-savings.
  • Create dashboards, monitor operations and give and real-time insight.
  • Reduce the risk of monetary penalties and sanctions - and protect against reputational damage.


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improve business performance

Reimagine the possible

If data is the new oil, business innovation comes when you know where and how to strike it.

Data and analytics is all about making new trends, developments, inventive approaches and technology innovation work for you. With advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, today’s machines can read, have conversations, and analyse previously unmanageable amounts of data. And that’s just today.

It’s a fast paced environment but needs to be approached in the right way. One small oversight – coding our own bias into a decision-making algorithm, mis-handling of customer data or collecting too much personal data – can go viral and quickly damage a brand.

Together, we’ll explore emerging technologies, test innovative ideas, and uncover ways to rethink the way you do business in an ethical and responsible way.

How we can help

Proof of concepts

We’re working with many clients, in multiple industries and sectors, to help them explore the art of the possible. Through innovation workshops, we help them trial ideas and rapidly create a ‘proof of concept’ for their business.

We work across the latest technologies and use advanced data analytics, Artificial Intelligence and automation. Through innovation sprints and trials, we can help you test the potential to change the way you do business.


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Data privacy by design

Data privacy is headline news. Everyday. Whether it is the latest breach, concern over how a business’s latest digital offering impacts an individual’s digital profile or the ethics of collecting more and more information on customers and users.  Privacy has never been as topical as it is today.  The impact of getting data privacy wrong can be catastrophic and severely undermine public trust in a business, product or digital offering.  A raft of new legislation is being adopted across the globe – including the EU’s GDPR – and many other countries are now following suit.

Privacy should be at the forefront of design for any new business capability or product offering. We can help you establish ethics and privacy at the heart of your business or from the early stages of product development. The experience across our global network, coupled with our heritage in assurance and digital trust allows us to help you be not just privacy compliant from day one but also consider the wider public perception of your brand and products with relation to how you use personal data and more advanced technology.


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If you’ve got great innovation and strong analytics foundations in your business, how can you reap the rewards?

We work with clients to commercialise and monetise their data and analytics capabilities. We help them understand of the value of the data and capabilities they have, find new revenue streams, and turn them into reality. It’s a very new area for all businesses - and there’s no ‘playbook’ yet. But our teams can share insight and expertise to make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to turn potential into real business success.


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Turning ideas to reality

Start making improvements in your business, straight away, with an ‘off the shelf’ solution to many functional and business problems.

While much of our work is focused on projects and consultancy with clients, we’re also constantly developing new apps and platforms that address many important problems that our clients face. Our Apps Marketplace now has over 100 platforms, ready to use, and ready to start delivering results.


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